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Atelier ColognePerfume Wardrobe - 8 Perfumes for 7 Days

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Would you wear the same outfit every day? The same makeup look for a wedding or to brunch? Perfume is no different. Embrace the perfume wardrobing lifestyle and build a collection of scents that complement everything from your outfit to your mood. Apply the same self-expressive to choosing your perfume as you would to curating your closet.

Monday (Café Tuberosa): 9am Cappuccino—coffee and flowers to start the week
Olfactive description: An addictive espresso coffee accord blended with an elegant tuberose from India. 18% concentration.

Tuesday (Pomèlo Paradis): 12pm Strategy meeting—presentation day. Own the spotlight!
Olfactive description: A luscious pomelo perfectly blended with a delicate rose and a powerful vetiver. 15% concentration.

Wednesday (Iris Rebelle): 8pm Swan Lake—ballet night with your love.
Olfactive description: Inspired blend of fresh iris and orange blossom absolue enriched with earthy gaiac wood: a feminine floral redefined. 18% concentration.

Thursday (Grand Néroli): 8pm "Roman holidays"—when you have escape plans
Olfactive description: Fresh, green and sweet, Grand Néroli pays tribute to the classical cologne with modernity and elegance. 15% concentration.

Friday (Orange Sanguine): 6pm Cocktails—TGIF: Orange you glad it's Friday?
Olfactive description: Bitter and fresh blood orange from Italy with sweet sandalwood. 15% concentration.

Saturday (Vanille Insensée): 2pm Spa—GET in the mood...
Olfactive description: An unexpected vanilla from Madagascar, fresh and woody. 15% concentration.

Saturday Night (Clémentine California): 10pm Party—a star is born
Olfactive description: Sunny composition built around clementine from California: fruity, green and sweet. 15% concentration.

Sunday (Cédre Atlas): 1pm Brunch with BFF—you'll never guess what happened...
Olfactive description: Crisp blue cedar from Morocco enveloped by warm amber. 15% concentration.

This set contains:
- 8 x 0.14 oz/ 4 mL in Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume Travel Sprays in Café Tuberosa, Pomélo Paradis, Iris Rebelle, Grand Néroli, Orange Sanguine, Vanille Insensée, Clémentine California, Cèdre Atlas

What else you need to know:
Atelier Cologne Maison de Parfum, Paris: perfume of character, born from nature.

The formula of our Colognes Absolues is made from 90 percent renewable natural-origin ingredients of the highest quality. Atelier Colognes add a selection of unexpected notes, which are crafted scientifically, to achieve the signature creative balance of their Maison de Parfum. They are committed to follow strict guidelines during all processes to respect an environmentally conscious approach.

The perfumes we choose can depend on mood, clothing, occasion, weather, and season. The richness and refinement of Colognes Absolues help each individual reveal their own character, and the endless facets of their personality.