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Spread your favorite scents throughout your home with our wide assortment of fragrance diffusers. Whether you’re looking to create a welcoming atmosphere or achieve a calming aura, these high-quality aromas make it simple to set the mood.

Essential oil diffusers provide the comfort of a candle without the use of heat or flames, making them a low-maintenance way to freshen up any space. If you lean toward classic scents with a subtle sweetness, you’ll adore our floral fragrances. Our red rose options will fill the air with the smell of a freshly cut bouquet, while our peony and blush reed diffusers include a mix of juicy apple notes for a splash of playful charm. Or, give your room a burst of energy with a citrus option, like our outdoorsy grapefruit blends or exotic tangerine picks.

We also carry reed diffusers that can help you relieve some stress. The right fragrance notes can go a long way, and lavender leads the pack with its aromatherapy benefits. We have plenty of relaxation-boosting mixtures to choose from, like our French cade lavender selections. They’re perfect for treating yourself to some long overdue downtime, and they feature a soothing, aquatic-inspired scent.

With a relaxing herb-filled formula, our cedar leaf and lavender essential oil diffusers will create a serene, spa-like setting in the comfort of your home. Need to clear your mind after an especially busy day? Our mint and eucalyptus fragrance diffusers include hints of basil and ginger that work to boost your focus and leave you feeling recharged.