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Face Serums & Face Treatments

Supercharge your skincare lineup with Sephora’s collection of fast-absorbing face serums. We have carefully tailored options for every skin type that are designed to serve as a light base layer under heavier moisturizers and makeup products.

For those with oily skin, a serum with niacinamide is a great way to keep your complexion in check. Zinc formulas target congestion, while powders handle excess shine. If you’re struggling with imbalance, clinical treatments help improve the appearance of clogged bumps and refine rough areas with vitamin C and other ingredients. Battling breakouts? Acne gels target current spots and prevent future breakouts from forming.

If you struggle with combination skin that produces more oil in certain areas, we have solutions that provide a just-right amount of balance. Glowy face serums lock in hydration and manage oil production for stronger makeup wear, while clarifying treatments serve as a dual exfoliator and moisturizer without a greasy effect.

When it comes to managing dry skin, there are plenty of solutions that can help. The pros recommend a rich serum with moisture-boosting ingredients as your best bet. Multi-recovery products offer next-level hydration for up to 72 hours while hyaluronic acid blends help plump your skin up and add more bounce.

Do you want a face serum that supports your skin’s youthfulness? Watery treatment lotions work to soften your complexion for a revitalized finish you’ll love. We also have replenishing solutions that are friendly to sensitive skin. You may also love ultra calming formulas, which provide soothing comfort to red spots, rashes, and inflammation.