Hydrating Foundations
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Going through a dry spell when it comes to finding a great foundation for your dry skin? Sephora has the perfect solution: hydrating foundations. Whether it’s the natural result of aging or a rough transition into the winter months, dry skin needs all the moisture it can get to prevent patchiness and flaking. In addition to perfecting your hydrating skincare routine, finding the perfect foundation formula can help. Hydrating foundations come in a variety of finishes and coverage levels to help you achieve your ideal look.

Check out our helpful tips to find the perfect hydrating foundation for your skin:

  • Look for light liquid and cream foundations. Creamy foundations tend to have a slightly thicker formula, so be sure to use a light hand when applying them.
  • Sheer to medium coverage formulas provide consistency in your skin’s tone without weighing it down.
  • Hyaluronic acid can help keep skin hydrated all day long to prevent cracking.
  • Look into tinted moisturizer options as well as BB or CC creams for maximum moisturizing effect.
  • Foundation with a luminous finish can make your skin look fresh as long as you’re not experiencing flaking during application.

Unsure of which foundation to choose? The Foundation Finder tool provides personalized foundation recommendations in just three clicks. Also, be sure to check out clean foundation options that are perfect for especially sensitive skin.