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Mattifying Oily Skin Foundations

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It’s always your time to shine, but when excess shine has got you down, kick it to the curb with a mattifying foundation.
Perfect for addressing oily skin concerns, including breakouts and overproduction of oil, mattifying foundations come in a variety of formulas and coverage levels to help you look flawless all day. Although finding the right fit for your skin can take some trial and error, Sephora is always on the hunt for new and innovative foundation options from your favorite brands, including affordable foundations from our very own Sephora Collection.

Bring out the welcome matte for your next mattifying foundation by checking out the following tips:

  • Choose an oil-free foundation option to prevent mid-day shine.
  • Opt for a classic matte finish over trendy dewy and glowy options, which may crease by the end of the day.
  • Go non-comedogenic if you often suffer from break outs. These options ensure your foundation isn’t contributing to clogged pores.
  • Powder finishes help prevent shine and come in a variety of formulas that are easy to touch up throughout the day. Consider traditional loose powder, pressed powder, or even liquid to powder foundations.
  • Set liquid foundation with a translucent setting powder. Baking is a great technique for locking in your foundation for all day wear.

Looking for foundations free of mineral oil, parabens and 50 other ingredients you may not want in your beauty products? Check out clean foundations and other clean beauty options that have earned the Clean at Sephora seal.