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Clear Lip Glosses

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Clear Lip Glosses

Give your pout a stunning finishing touch with our versatile collection of clear lip glosses. Whether you want to achieve a luminous look or create more volume, these high-quality picks will elevate your beauty game in the best way.

If you’re searching for a clear lip gloss with a playful hint of color, we have several options to choose from. Our nurturing glosses deliver superior smoothness when worn on their own or layered over your lipstick. Try one of our bestselling pink lip glosses. Or, check out our moisturizing lip glosses, which come equipped with powerful antioxidants that help protect your lips throughout the day. They also offer the comfort of a balm with the luscious appearance of a gloss.

Want to add some fullness? We’ve got your back with our lip plumping glosses. Our power plumping glosses are built to deliver instant definition at the first swipe, while our extreme plumpers promote a dramatic effect that lasts. Prefer to pump up the volume without any of the dryness? Our hydrating plumpers will replenish your lips in all the right places and are packed with smoothing and firming benefits.

For lip glosses with maximum radiance, take your pick from a variety of shiny lip glosses. They include luxurious selections that work double-duty on your eyes, glowing solutions that glide on with ease for even and sticky-free coverage, and cushiony glosses that never settle into lines. And if you need a clear lip gloss with a sparkly finish, our shimmery glosses effortlessly capture the light for a serious splash of dimension.