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Add a bit of luxury to your fragrance collection with 19-69’s high-quality products, including must-have fragrances, travel-ready solutions, and gift sets.

Does Sephora carry 19-69?

We carry many 19-69 fragrances at Sephora. Whether you lean toward fresh subtle scents or warm & spicy blends that make a statement, we’ve got you covered with a dependable pick for every preference.

Take your new favorites on the road with 19-69’s collection of convenient eau de parfum rollerballs. If you’re not ready to commit to a full size bottle, no problem. Our lineup of 19-69 fragrance discovery sets make it easy to test drive different options.

What are 19-69's best-selling fragrances?

The La Habana Eau de Parfum is 19-69’s top-selling fragrance. Inspired by Cuba’s golden musical era, this warm, rich, and smoky scent offers mesmerizing appeal. The bottle’s stunning bright red color is meant to represent the Havana heat.

What does 19-69 La Habana smell like?

The 19-69 LA Habana Eau de Parfum has a warm and spicy scent that will instantly remind you of rum and cigars. This powerful fragrance features a mix of saffron, incense resinoid, and laotian oud notes.

What does 19-69 Kasbah smell like?

Packed with party vibes, the 19-69 Kasbah Eau de Parfum is a warm and sweet gourmand fragrance. It combines white honey, patchouli, and sandalwood notes to create a seductive finish with extra spice.

What does 19-69 Capri smell like?

The 19-69 Capri Eau de Parfum has a fresh and fruity aroma. The blend of bitter and sweet orange notes gives this fragrance a dash of complexity.