What's New
Young at heart and full of perk. Daisy blooms with a sparkling floral bouquet wrapped in comfort and warmth.
Daisy Dream
Airy and adventurous. Daisy Dream's blackberry, wisteria, and coconut notes channel visions of blue skies and open fields.
Daisy Eau So Fresh
A lively twist on the classic, Daisy Eau So Fresh bubbles with excitement – so prepare to travel to a place of bright cheer.
The ultimate statement maker. Decadence indulges in a luxe blend of Italian plum, Bulgarian rose, and liquid amber.
Behind the Brand

Marc Jacobs

Since his debut fashion collection in 1986, Marc Jacobs has become and award-winning designer known for his sharp mix of prints, color, and shape. Jacobs brought a fresh twist to fragrance in 2001 with the launch of his first perfume, which has inspired a growing collection offerin g arange of covet-worthy scents.

"Fragrance, like fashion, is meant to express a strong personal style" – Marc Jacobs