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The Phluid Project


The Phluid Project

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Finding your next signature scent is a total breeze with The Phluid Project’s collection of gender-neutral fragrances. Browse eau de parfums, must-have minis, and more.

Does Sephora carry Phluid?

We have a variety of The Phluid Project fragrances at Sephora including woody spiced blends, fresh citrus picks, and fruity florals. Once you’ve found your favorite, make sure to apply in the creases of your elbows and knees for longer-lasting results.

Take your scents on the move with our roundup of travel sprays. The Phluid Project’s sampler sets also allow you to test drive different fragrances and create your own combinations that suit your unique personality.

What are Phluid's best-selling fragrances?

Featuring a new vegan formula, the Transcend Eau de Parfum is a top-seller from The Phluid Project. Designed to be layered, this boundary-breaking scent offers a warm and playful finish that’s all about celebrating freedom and self-expression. The rectangular bottle features a black cap, white base, and vibrant-colored scent to emphasize gender fluidity.

Is Phluid gender neutral?

Yes, The Phluid Project’s goal is to empower people to unapologetically express themselves without feeling limited by traditional gender norms.

What does Phluid Transcend smell like?

The Phluid Project Transcend Eau de Parfum is a fruity floral fragrance with dragon fruit, sea salt, and palo santo notes.

What does Phluid Balance smell like?

Made to promote peace, harmony, and mindfulness, The Phluid Project’s Balance Eau de Parfum is a fresh and energetic fragrance that features an addictive mix of crisp apple, soothing lavender, and comfy cedar notes.