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Treat your hair with TLC and tell your split ends to take a hike. Hair health is just as important as skin health and can tell us a lot about product use, our diets, and the specific type of care our strands crave. Sephora Collection’s line of affordable hair treatments includes everything you need to improve the condition of your hair from the inside out.

Getting a scalp massage is arguably the best part of a haircut. There’s a good reason they take place, and it’s not solely for pleasure. A clean, well cared for scalp aids in normal hair growth. And with the right tools, like our handy dandy Scalp Massager, you can detox your scalp and reduce product buildup.

Speaking of buildup—blasting the gunk that accumulates on your strands from hair spray, gel, conditioner, and especially products containing silicones will change your hair game. Flat, lifeless hair that gets greasy fast will have room to breathe and bounce. An affordable hair treatment designed specifically for clarifying, like the Peppermint Hair Cleansing Salt Scrub, is all you need to strip the gunk away.

Do you need a smoothing cream? If you struggle with frizz, dry or damaged hair, split ends, and/or achieving a salon-quality blowout, then we can help. Smoothing creams are often safe to use on all hair types (though it’s always a good idea to do your homework first) and are intended to calm those rogue baby hairs and flyaways while infusing your hair with lightweight moisture. Add a little to damp hair before you blow-dry or apply a small amount to dry hair for instant results.