TATCHA | The art of Geisha pure skin.
Melt Away Makeup
Close-up of a pink camellia

The first step of the geisha beauty ritual is the simplest and most transformative. Moisturizing and antioxidant-rich oil melts away impurities and makeup, leaving skin pure and fresh.

Polished in an Instant
Rice grains in a wooden box

The second step is gentle, daily exfoliation. Creamy, water-activated powder of Japanese rice bran reveals radiance from within.

Veil of Moisture
Close-up of ivory silk

The third step is inspired by youthful hands of Japanese silk workers. This antiaging gel-cream of liquid silk lays a weightless, moisture-binding network on the skin.

Behind the Brand

Tatcha was born from Victoria Tsai's chance encounter with a modern-day geisha that changed her skin and life. She learned that the foundation of a geisha's beauty ritual is effective and simple, rooted in a trio of powerful nutrients—green tea, rice, and algae. These classic rituals have been advanced by science to give you brighter, smoother skin.

"I created Tatcha as a way to share the treasures I discover on my journeys to Japan, starting with the geisha's beauty ritual."