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The Beauty Chef

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Achieve glowing skin from within with The Beauty Chef. From anti-aging formulas to gut health essentials, this brand offers a dependable remedy for every concern.

Does Sephora carry The Beauty Chef?

We carry a variety of The Beauty Chef skincare products at Sephora that will take your wellness routine to the next level. Searching for skincare supplements? The Beauty Chef’s Inner Beauty elixirs and oils help quench dehydrated skin, brighten up the complexion, relieve redness, minimize the look of fine lines, and more. You’ll also find powders that help to address anxiety and support the digestive system.

Each solution from The Beauty Chef has earned the Clean at Sephora seal, which means you can trust that they purposefully exclude ingredients with potentially harmful effects on human health and the environment.

What are The Beauty Chef’s best-selling products?

Featuring a brand new formula with even more powerful results, the best-selling GLOW Inner Beauty Essential is packed with probiotic superfoods to give your skin more radiance, strengthen hair and nails, and improve your gut health. The formula is also non-GMO and contains zero artificial flavors.

Is The Beauty Chef collagen vegan?

Yes, the COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost is a vegan elixir.

How do you use The Beauty Chef GLOW?

To use the GLOW Inner Beauty Essential, add one teaspoon to 200 mL of water, a smoothie, yogurt, or your favorite drink. Consume it right away. You can expect to start seeing results in about four weeks.

We recommend combining the Inner Beauty Essential with chilled or room-temperature beverages and supplementing it with other The Beauty Chef products for optimal performance.

What does The Beauty Chef GLOW taste like?

The Beauty Chef GLOW Inner Beauty Essential has a berry-flavored formula.