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A styling gel is a styling product that helps you get the look you want by adding texture, body, and hold. It can be used to create curls and waves or for frizz control.

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best gel liner
“Best eye liner and liner gel that I ever try. The black liquid is just amazing very thin line but you can put more pressure and get a little bit thick while the other gel liner red pink is phenomenal not just for my eyes I use as a lip liner very thinner but give me my best color define and waterproof not move at all the same with the black liner”
hair styling gel
“I am pretty inexperienced with hair styling products and I’ve tried a lot of gels and hairsprays that I just don’t like”
best brow gel
“This Brow Gel is thee BEST brow gel on the market! Not only does the formula really hold your brows in place, but the applicator allows you to style your brow so easily to give that laminated effect”
best affordable brow gel
“This brow gel works okay. It is not my favorite brow gel that I have tried”
best tinted brow gel
“This is by far my favorite tinted brow gel that I've used. I find that a lot of brow gels have too big of brushes that hold too much product, and they end up making my eyebrows like humungous and painted on (I have already thick eyebrows”
shaving gel
“I first used their beard lube and threw out all of my shaving cream the same day. I purchased the shave gel a few weeks ago because I wanted a cool, good smelling (not to strong) aftershave, This is it”
best clear brow gel
“Honestly you should just buy this and stop reading reviews. This product is the best! Clear gel that holds my brows in place ALL DAY”
Creamy Hair Gel
“The gel doesn’t hold the curls as well as some other gels do but aids in the formation of curls”
oat gel moisturizer
“I would purchase this on my own since it’s great quality and an affordable option to even some drug store moisturizers I’ve used! Would recommend this come in a larger tube like the oat balm cleanser”
gel hair products
“I've enjoyed trying Mini Strong Hold Gel and I love the way it holds my frizzaways, it a strong holding gel that doesn't make your hair crunchy or flakey like some of the other gels we've tried in the past”