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blending sponges

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A sponge is a great tool for blending makeup. It can be used to blend out foundation, concealer, and other products. It can also be used to blend in contour or highlight products.


Tried to make the best of the product by using it to blend contour and concealer. I found these sponges really picked up the product when blending my nice contour rather than blend it out. ...However, I would not recommend simply because you can do the same thing with a larger blending sponge.

What it is: A set of two mini makeup sponges—a triple-edged sponge for targeted coverage and a dual-edged sponge with a velvety end designed for setting.

Ingredient Callouts: This product is cruelty-free.

What Else You Need to Know: Cover all your blending needs. The triple-edge sponge has a tear-drop point for maximum precision in the toughest-to-reach areas. The dual-edged sponge has a slanted edge for controlled stippling, as well as an innovative velvety end made specifically for applying setting powder.

This Set Contains:
- Triple-Edge Sponge
- Dual-Ended Sponge


it’s okay. does a good job blending but i’ve had weird things when wetting and cleaning it...this sponge is actually amazing, I love the flat part to apply foundation evenly and then the point side to blend in my concealer or cream contours.

What it is: A sponge beautifully blends in Foundcealer™ for a flawless finish.

Ingredient Callouts: This product is also vegan.

What Else You Need to Know: If you’re a sponge lover, then this is the tool for you. This latex-free, vegan, super-soft, multitasking sponge easily builds even coverage where you need it. Use the narrow-pointed end for the under-eye and targeted areas, and use the rounded side to apply foundation to the full face.


amazing sponge!!!...This sponge is sooo good blends everything beautifully, the flat side to blend the concealer is sooo good overall great sponge blends everything flawlessly!...Durable and the edge is great for hard to reach spots when blending concealer. Blends my foundation super nicely too.

What it is: A double-sided sponge applicator designed for applying and blending all formulas to create a perfectly flawless complexion.

What Else You Need to Know: Regardless of the formula—powder, cream, or liquid—this sponge applicator provides a controlled application and a faultless, airbrush finish with minimal product waste. The Basic B Sponge is also designed with a tear-drop point to fit into the natural curves and contours of the face.


BEST BLENDING SPONGE !!...Having older, dry skin, blending can be a chore. This sponge works great wet or dry. ...It doesn't absorb a lot of the product, and it's perfect with blending foundation/concealer. When I'm going to the gym and need a quick blemish cover up I'm too lazy to wet the sponge and it still helps blend in the concealer enough.

What it is: A dual-ended, latex-free makeup sponge. Applies and blends all formulas easily for a flawless look.

Ingredient Callouts:

What Else You Need to Know:
This dual-ended multi-tasking sponge has a wide base to blend larger areas of your face and a tapered tip to contour around your nose, under eyes or cover any blemishes or imperfections. Best used damp with liquid, cream or powder formulas. The packaging is reusable - store your sponge or use the ventilated base as a drying stand.


I’ve tried them all and by far this is my favorite. Provides great coverage and blending. Sometimes available in a set during the holidays. ...Angled sponge!...Great make up sponge, I truly enjoy the angle of the sponge.

What it is: A unique, angled sponge that is designed for applying and blending all formulas and now comes in a new color and reusable packaging used to hold and dry.

What Else You Need to Know: Rounded on one side and angled like a wedge on the other, this sponge provides versatile application that complements any look. The rounded edge helps blend formulations seamlessly, while the uniquely shaped wedge cut allows you to access all the right creases.


One of my favorite sponges from any brand. Good shape and size, but it definitely needs to be dampened to blend the best it can....I also love the little stand on the bottom, with holes to dry your sponge thoroughly.. my sponge sits on it without moving.

What it is: A charcoal-infused sponge plus a brand-new reusable case with holes at the base to ensure proper drying for a flawless application each time.

What Else You Need to Know: Charcoal is known for its purifying properties, allowing the sponge to remain fresh and free of impurities even with continuous use. The rounded shape and cinched middle allow for versatile application. The tapered top and angled cut get into the inner corners of the face more easily.


What it is: A latex-free blending sponge that flawlessly blends tarte’s SEA Hydrocealer™ Concealer (sold separately) into skin.

What Else You Need to Know: Dampen sponge so it becomes large and ultra-soft, and then blend concealer into skin. The flat side has a precision tip that is perfect for pressing concealer into the under eye to prevent creasing—and it’s also great for baking.


Not only does it blend well and evenly applies my make up and liquid highlighter it doesnt end up wearing more of my make up then I do. ...this is great for blending fae make up-and is so easy to wash with soap and water

What it is: A four-piece blending sponge set, with our bestselling, latex-free total-coverage sponge material for all-over makeup application.

Ingredient Callouts: It is also cruelty-free and comes in recyclable packaging.

What Else You Need to Know: The two round-shaped sponges are best for all-over makeup application. The two teardrop-shaped sponges are best for detailed application on hard-to-reach areas such as under the eyes and around the nose.


Who doesn't love their sign on everything? Always the best blend with my bb, now it feels more like ME...Needed a new sponge so bought the zodiac edition one, it’s cute but nothing special lol

What it is: A new zodiac take on the number-one-selling makeup sponge that blends makeup to a flawless finish.

What Else You Need to Know: The limited-edition Zodiac beautyblender is made from the same super-soft, exclusive foam as the original and quickly blends makeup for an easy application and skin-like finish.


new favorite sponge...This is now my new favorite sponge! It’s super cute and squishy. I prefer to use softer sponges and not firm ones so if you like soft sponges I would get it...I bought this makeup sponge cause it looked really cute but wow!!

What it is: A heart-shaped makeup sponge that has a soft and ultra-plush texture with unique edges to help blend makeup on every angle of the face.

What Else You Need to Know: This non-latex, multifaceted makeup sponge is a hands-free beauty tool for applying liquid and powder makeup effortlessly with its unique features. The heart-shaped sponge helps reach every corner of your face with its pointed, flat, and side angles.

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