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Body care is necessary whether you live somewhere hot and humid or cold and dry. No matter where you are, keep it light and keep it hydrated with a body milk. Weightless, soothing comfort for everday hydration is what you'll get out of a Sephora's top picks for best body milks.

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cleansing milks
“This cleansing milk deep cleanses the clogged pores leaving behind clean and clear skin”
Luxurious Body Oils
“I received this complimentary from Tatcha. This is such a luxe body oil. It has an awesome blend of moisturizing oils, including rice bran oil, plus squalane”
natural body oils
“This is such a great body oil. Alot of body oils are too much for my skin and leave it feeling greasy”
oily skin cleansing milk
“I think if you have oily skin you'll probably love this. I bought it because it was a vegan "milk" cleanser, and usually milky cleansers are great for dry skin”
moisturizing milk
“You won’t need to moisturize after a bath when you use this. Leaves your skin feeling so smooth, soft and hydrated and it smells incredible”
milk for dry face
“I have attested much of that to taking care of my skin ( routinely with this Shiseido) and have seen a lot of the products and lines for my normal to dry skin come and go. My regular cleanser did make my face feel very dry after rinsing it off”
Soothing Milk Cleanser
“This almond milk cleanser is perfect for my dry and irritated skin”
body oils for winter
“This is by far the best body oil I've tried, and I have tried a bunch. My skin has never been softer”
spray body oils
“They smell fantastic and are so beautiful. Have tried other body oils and this is by far the best. This is my go to oil and shades for all seasons”
body foundation
“Good coverage though! I like Mac face and body better for an actual tinted moisturizer. Good for the combo folks and maybe good enough for oily people if you have a good primer”