face sponges

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Face sponges are a must-have for any beauty lover. They can be used to apply foundation, concealer, or even powder blush. These tools will help you achieve the look you want.

Products related to face sponges

essences for face
“This essence is definitely a holy Grail item. It's makes your face rejuvenated it's not sticky like some essences are”
soft sponges
“I really love beautyblender products and I use my regular beauty blender sponge and my micro mini sponge every day! I don't really wear cream blushes and don't like to get my powder products wet, so honestly, I've been using my beauty.blusher cheeky for foundation - it works just as well as my regular beauty blender”
natural face serums
“My skin felt good and it looked tan and natural. I use it alone as like a regular serum daily in the morning”
Plumping Face Serum
“I was gifted by Macrene Actives High Performance Face Serum for firm Skin. I’m so impressed with this serum .My skin is very dry and dull this serum deeply hydrates and moisturizes my skin leaving it plump and supple”
eyebrow spoolie
“I was looking for an eyebrow brush that wouldn't lose its shape after a few uses and this one delivers”
gels for face
“I love the fact that it is a gel. This is the second gel I’ve tried and my face feels refreshed and hydrated”
spf 30 for face
“I am very diligent about sun protection, and even though I use a moisturizer with SPF, and a light tinted sunscreen, my face is very shiny all day unless I dust a good powder over it”
professional facial peels
“I was really impressed with my trail of the Alpha Beta peel. My skin felt like I had a professional facial”
face crayons
“I mix the two powders together then apply them with a fluffy face brush, and you wouldn't BELIEVE how it brightens my face. ”
Scalp Facial
“Smells amazing, helped my Darier's Disease immensely as well as my finances dry thinning scalp”