makeup brush pouch

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If you're like most people, you probably use your face brush every day. It's the go-to tool for applying foundation, powder, bronzer, or any other makeup product. That's why it's important to keep them safe, organized, and comfortable to carry. Here are some great options for storing your makeup brushes.

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airbrush makeup
“This Bronzer melts into the skin and gives a Airbrush affect like the Airbrush powder does. If you love the Airbrush powder from Charlotte Tilbury, you'll LOVE this Bronzer”
makeup oval brush
“I've use a lot of angle brushed but I like the oval shape one wayyy better”
makeup contouring brushes
“PRO Contour Brush #79 This contour brush with soft, tapered bristles for lightweight application and coverage”
mascara brush
“Doesn't feel sticky or stiff, the brush is tiny enough to achieve the volume or thinness of finer hairs t o make this work beautifully”
powder blush brush
“OMG, this brush is wonderful, so soft, perfect for applying cream foundation and powders, but you can also use it for a precise application of cream contour or bronzer, to set concealer with powder, very very good and convenient, and perfect for traveling because you have two brushes in one”
puff makeup
“the fabric or a revolutionary shape. This puff is literally the same kind of fabric of common puffs that you can buy at Walmart for just a few bucks”
brow makeup brush
“This two sided #20 PRO brow brush is do perfect for everyone (beginner & professional makeup expert), I use one side to brush my brows with gel, and the other part to draw “brows” and it does perfect job”
makeup artist brushes
“Really enjoy all of Saie's brushes and I love a multitasker. This is a great brush to have in your travel makeup bag”
Body Makeup Brush
“One of the best brushes I’ve had. Very dense and soft. I originally bought to use with the Body Lava but I’m going to get another one for my face when wanting to create a dewy look”
small brush mascara
“I have been a long time fan of Velour's mascara and now, I can ensure that my lashes are nourished while I sleep! ”