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Poudre correctrice Root Black Poudre pour les cheveux blonds 4.4 oz/ 130 mL Mini vaporisateur fixateur souple Spray de Mode 2.7 oz/ 100 mL Promise Land Setting Spray 5 oz/ 148 mL Vaporisateur de finition à la cire liquide+ Sumo 4 oz/ 113 g Effortless Hair Wave Spray 8 oz / 237 mL Shine Spray 4.75 oz / 141 mL Tsuki Shape Heat-Activated Blow Dry Spray 6.4 oz/ 190 mL Vaporisateur modelant Très Set 10 oz/ 233.7 mL Spray fixation souple Spray de Mode 10 oz/ 295 mL

Products related to powder hair products

shiny hair products
“I really love this product. This product makes my hair, super soft and shiny”
moist hair products
“This saved my hair. An absolute dream for blondes. It will deeply nourish and moisturize but not weigh your hair down”
trendy hair products
“If you are someone that has a lot of flyways or baby hairs. I like to put my hair up for the gym but I always look like a disaster because I have little hairs going everywhere, but this product helps slick my hair back perfectly, and keeps it in place”
matte hair products
“The texture of this crayon like product is great in comparison to some other products I've sampled which felt "gunky"”
sensual hair products
“I was amazed when I use this product because I usually have problems with purple dyed products and didn't stick to my hands it worked great my hair and removed all the brassiness made my hair shiny and manageable All I had to do then was blow dry out straight and I loved it I would definitely buy it again or recommend it for somebody The smells great I don't see any downfall to it another huge bonus to the product was it didn't weigh my hair down it's smooth it but it allowed us to have body and bounce and not get greasy at the roots which that's a lot of problems with me for serums cuz my hair is not real coarse”
scented hair products
“It is scented - the scent is a little overpowering at first, but after it's rubbed in and brushed through it isn't noticeable unless I'm actually smelling my hair”
thick hair products
“I have very thick hair and it is usually very unruly. After using ouai treatment mask for thick hair my hair is so happy and beautiful”
dry hair styling products
“Gifted by Moroccanoil! My hair is super dry especially after styling. I used this product immediately after styling (straightening) my hair and it looked hydrated and healthy”
purple hair products
“I mix 3-4 drops in with my hair primers before drying/styling my hair and within a couple of hours my hair is less brassy”
everyday hair products
“After all the positive reports and reviews from this site and others, I had decided to use both products as a preventative. While my nails are generally pretty strong, they're subjected to a lot of nail polish remover, sometimes daily”