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scented body oil

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Scented body oils are a great way to add a little fragrance to your day. Whether you're looking for something light and floral or heavy and musky, there's an oil that will suit your tastes.

Ellis BrooklynMYTH Spectacular Scented Body Oil

Size: 3.2 fl oz / 95 mL·ITEM: 2408144

Size + Concentration + Formulation: 3.2 fl oz / 95 mL

51 Reviews


Received my MYTH scented body oil gifted by Ellis Brooklyn in the mail and have used it a couple of times and love it already. ...No irritations what so ever. MYTH Spectacular Scented Body Oil works amazing. I highly recommend...Great body oil

What it is:A luxurious yet super lightweight body oil in the scent of the bestselling MYTH eau de parfum that’s packed with squalane, rosehip oil, and pumpkin seed oil.

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Squalane: Hydrates, soothes redness, and maintains hydration.
- Rosehip Oil: Reduces visible signs of photo-aging.
- Pumpkin Seed Oil: Rich in antioxidants and fights free radicals.

Fragrance Family: Warm & Spicy

Scent Type: Warm Florals

Key Notes: Ambrette Seeds, Jasmine Petals, Musk

Fragrance Description: This oil features the cult-classic MYTH eau de parfum scent—a cozy and warm skin scent featuring white musk, cassis, jasmine, and white cedarwood.

Ellis BrooklynSALT Soothing Scented Body Oil

Size: 3.2 oz / 95 mL·ITEM: 2552495

Size + Concentration + Formulation: 3.2 oz / 95 mL

32 Reviews


This scented body oil by Ellis Brooklyn is not greasy and leaves my skin smooth. ...I recommend it for someone looking for a scented body oil.

What it is: An ultra-luxurious body oil formula, loaded with squalane and boosted with soothing algae extract for scented body care at its finest.

Highlighted Ingredients:

- Squalane: Hydrates, soothes redness, and maintains hydration.

- Rosehip Oil: Reduces visible signs of photoaging.

- Pumpkin Seed Oil: Rich in antioxidants and fights free radicals.

Fragrance Family: Fresh

Scent Type: Fresh Solar

Key Notes: Ylang Ylang, Tahitian Tiare, Ambergris

PATRICK TAMajor Glow Body Oil

Size: 3.4 oz/ 100 mL·ITEM: 2221265

Color: A Moment - bronze

663 Reviews


Not Your Normal Body Oil...I love body oils so I wanted to try Patrick Ta Major Glow Body Oil. ...The Only Body Oil I've Ever Loved...If you're not a fan of body oils - try this one!! I've always hated the feeling of body oils, either too sticky or greasy.

What it is: A luxuriously scented pearlescent body oil designed to moisturize and illuminate the skin with an otherworldly glow.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination

Skincare Concerns: Dryness, Redness

Formulation: Oil

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Stabilized Vitamin C: Absorbs into the skin and supports a more youthful appearance.
- Vitamin E & Magnolia Bark Extract: Defend the skin from free radical damage, and help the skin glow.
- Olive Oil & Squalane: Moisturize, smooth the skin, and give off a healthy glow without greasiness.

La MerThe Renewal Body Oil Balm

ITEM: 2325249

Size: 6.7 oz/ 200 mL

5 Reviews


Fave body oil...Apply to damp skin after bath or shower and for even more hydration, apply a body cream or lotion over it. I don't need to use this daily; it's a once a week treat now that I know to put bodycream over it (sort of a hydrating mask for entire body).

What it is: A rich, hydrating, and lightly scented body balm that melts into a silken oil on contact to create the radiant, glowing sheen of La Mer all over.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Skincare Concerns: Dryness, Redness, and Dullness and Uneven Texture

Formulation: Oil

Ingredient Callouts: Free of sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, coal tar, hydroquinone, and triclosan.


It got an olive oil smell when you just put it on. But wait half an hour after the oil absorbed. it will only left the amazing scent on you skin. ...I love the smell at first i felt it was suuuuuuuper different from the oil which i have been using for three years . The scent wears off quickly on this product and it stained my clothes kinda

What it is: A luxuriously scented body oil that helps hydrate and moisture skin.

Fragrance Family: Earthy & Woody

Scent Type: Warm Woods

Key Notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Amber Wood

Fragrance Description: Infused with antioxidants and vitamin E to help fight free radicals, and combat the aging process, this soothing oil supports skin health.

Maison Louis Marie composes delicate scents to enchant your lifestyle with a botanical tradition since 1792. This scent is a sandalwood fragrance with a dominant cedarwood and sandalwood accord supplemented by a spicy cinnamon nutmeg complex and an earthy vetiver note.

L'OccitaneShea Shower Oil

ITEM: 2054864

Size: 8.4 oz/ 250 mL

35 Reviews


Literally best Shaving oil ever!!!...I use this solely to shave my legs body etc. It goes on as an oil and lathers when wet. ...The shea shower oil is soothing during shower. It leaves your skin smooth and lightly scented afterwards.

What it is: A decadent shower oil infused with shea butter for a gentle cleanse that softens and nourishes dry skin.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Skincare Concerns: Dryness

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Shea Oil: Nourishes and softens skin, protecting against dehydration.

Ingredient Callouts: Free of parabens and phthalates.

What Else You Need to Know: Lather up with this delicately scented and luxurious shower oil, which leaves skin clean and relieved from tightness. Enriched with 10 percent shea oil, it leaves behind a protective film to soften dry skin.


This is lightweight, lightly scented in a good way, and NOT oily. I can wear this with a decent outfit when I’m out for a sun filled happy hour and not worry about transfer, smelling like sunscreen, or looking oily or white cast....I purchased this product after doing research on body oils with SPF. I’m glad I purchased and will purchase it again.

What it is:A nutrient-packed body oil with UV protection, squalane, and a skin-quenching oil blend that nourishes skin for a healthy-looking sheen without the greasy feeling.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Skincare Concerns: Dryness, Dullness, and Uneven Texture

Formulation: Oil

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Skin Quenching Oil Blend (Coconut, Argan, and Grapeseed Oil): Nourishes for a healthy-looking glow.
- Sea Moss: A nutrient-rich seaweed that hydrates, strengthens, and protects.
- Squalane: A vegan, plant-derived hydrator that weightlessly locks in moisture.

Ingredient Callouts: This product is vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and comes in recyclable packaging.


A nongreasy body oil!...I was pleasently surprised when I started using this body oil. Super hydrating and absorbs fast!...My favorite body oil to date...I absolutely love this non-greasy moisturizing body oil. Body oils have a tendency to be thick, so I hesitate to apply it before going to bed, but not with Stripes.

What it is: A nongreasy moisturizing oil with squalane, açai oil, vitamins C and E, and Kakadu plum delivers deep hydration and an all-over glow.

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Vitamin C: An oil-soluble vitamin C visibly brightens and evens skin tone.
- Açai Oil: A potent antioxidant moisturizes and nurture skin.
- Ectoine and Squalane: Deliver hydration to targeted areas and support moisture barrier.

What Else You Need to Know: This is a daily moisturizing oil that visibly brightens, improves radiance, and helps the look of skin uniformity—perfect for dry skin that can occur during menopause. It’s lightly scented with a blend of iris, blooming beach rose, and creamy sandalwood, wrapped in a blanket of suede and


I don't have problems with that anyway, but I do think it's a little questionable to claim that a body oil, even one as beautifully made and scented as this one, will fix bloating and loose skin....I love the scent, and I always have the habit of using body oil. This one is really good. My skin absorbs pretty quickly, and it leaves my skin with a soft touch.

What it is: A supremely nourishing body oil that reduces the feeling of puffiness and visibly firms for noticeably tighter-looking skin.

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Guaraná Caffeine+ Complex™: Visibly firms skin.
- Microalgae Extract: Noticeably decreases the feeling of puffiness.
- Brazilian Olive Oil: Nourishes without a greasy feel.

What Else You Need to Know: This powerful, visibly firming body oil provides intensive moisture while relieving that puffy feeling. Guaraná Caffeine+ Complex visibly firms, microalgae extract noticeably diminishes the appearance of puffiness, and Brazilian olive oil nourishes for visibly tighter skin with a glow.

DiorMiss Dior Body Oil

ITEM: 2038073

Size: 3.4 oz/ 100 ml

14 Reviews


very light floral scent. love spraying this on my body then using my lotions & perfumes on top to layer & have the scents all last longer....I can definitely say I really like this body oil. I love the subtle fragrance, it stays on your skin without being so overwhelming.

Fragrance Family: Floral

Scent Type: Warm Florals

Key Notes: Bergamot, Grasse Rose, Rosewood

Fragrance Description: This dry oil has centifolia rose water, which adds a light, fresh quality for a satiny finish with no oily residue. It protects skin and hair while intensifying the scent of the Miss Dior fragrance.

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