Collagen for Loss of Firmness


What is collagen and where does it come from? Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in our skin that makes it look healthy and plump. Collagen found in skincare products and supplements is derived from animal sources (bovine and fish), though vegan sources—like fermented algae—are also an option.

What does collagen do for skin? Applied topically, collagen softens and moisturizes skin, visibly minimizes wrinkles, and makes skin look plumper. Collagen supplements are a convenient source of protein that may help skin appear more youthful—though benefits may vary product to product.

How do I use it? Topically, it’s safe to use in the morning or at night, though check the packaging for specific instructions. Before adding ingestible collagen to your diet, consult your doctor. See what collagen products you can add to your skincare routine!

What can I pair it with? Topical collagen works well with any other ingredient.

Tips & Tricks

Establish a routine. Once you find the right formula for your skin, use it consistently to see results.

Layer on a moisturizer. This essential step nourishes and balances skin so it doesn’t overproduce oil.

Say yes to SPF. Protect your skin against harmful UV rays every single day—it’s a crucial part of a healthy routine.

Go for skincare AND supplements. Using both can lead to optimal results. Just talk to your doctor to make sure collagen supplements are right for you.