Peptides for Skin Barrier Support

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What are peptides? They are chains of amino acids that support a variety of your skin's natural building blocks, including collagen and elastin.

What do they do for skin? Peptides can perform various functions for the skin, depending on the peptide. For example, some support smoothing the look of wrinkles, others can help with visible firmness, and others boost hydration.

How do peptides work? Our skin naturally contains peptides. They help complement our skin's natural processes.

How do I use them? Peptides can be found in all variety of skincare products—moisturizers, eye creams, masks, etc. Use as directed.

What can I pair them with? They can be part of any skincare routine.

Anything I shouldn’t pair them with? It's not recommended to use peptides and acids during the same routine. For example, if your nighttime routine includes AHAs, keep peptides in your morning routine. This is because acids break down proteins, and peptides are precursors to protein, so acids can make peptides less effective.m.

Tips & Tricks

Establish a routine. Once you find the right formula for your skin, use it consistently to see results.

Layer on a moisturizer. This essential step nurtures and balances skin so it doesn’t overproduce oil. Plus, it seals in hydration.

Say yes to SPF. Protect your skin against harmful UV rays every single day—it’s a crucial part of a healthy routine.