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Featuring no-fuss formulas with effortless appeal, CLEAN RESERVE has a new go-to fragrance for your collection. Browse perfume favorites, must-have minis, gift sets, and so much more.

Does Sephora carry CLEAN RESERVE?

Sephora sells a wide variety of CLEAN RESERVE fragrances including sheer, citrus, aquatic, sweet, and floral scents. Apply these high-quality perfumes to the creases of your elbows and knees for a more powerful aroma that lasts. Also, try to avoid rubbing your skin; this will help to prevent the fragrance from wearing off.

For those who are always on the go, we recommend checking out CLEAN RESERVEā€™s collection of portable rollerballs.

What are CLEAN RESERVE's best-selling fragrances?

Reserve - Skin is a super-popular choice for those who lean toward low-key scents. The combination of creamy vanilla and musk creates subtle sweetness and a dash of coziness, which makes this product a great option for everyday wear. Apply it alone or layer it with more CLEAN RESERVE perfumes to achieve a warmer finish.

With its delectable mix of ambrette seeds, pear nectar, and liquid musk notes, Reserve - Radiant Nectar is a must-wear for summertime.

What does CLEAN RESERVE Skin smell like?

CLEAN RESERVE Skin is a warm and sheer scent. The fragranceā€™s key notes are musk, copaiba oil, and salted praline.

What does CLEAN RESERVE Rain smell like?

CLEAN RESERVE Rain has a fresh, aquatic aroma. With bergamot, white flower, and vetiver notes, this unique and calming fragrance will instantly remind you of that familiar dewy scent that emerges after rainfall.