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Take your lash game to new heights with Lilly Lashes. Discover game-changing beauty products, tools, and everything in between from this brand founded by Lilly Ghalichi.

Does Sephora carry Lilly Lashes?

We carry many Lilly Lashes makeup solutions at Sephora that will accentuate your eyes exactly how you want. On the hunt for false eyelashes? We’ve got you covered with natural picks, extra full options, no-fuss magnetic products, and so much more. New to the lash world? The application process is a total breeze with Lilly Lashes’ innovative adhesives.

What are Lilly Lashes' best-selling products?

Add a low-key amount of volume, length, and curl with the best-selling Lilly Lashes Lite Faux Mink Lashes. They’re an absolute must if you’re going for a subtle, stunning look.

Hoping for something a little more dramatic? The Lilly Lashes 3D Faux Mink Lashes are another popular choice. This vegan style gives your lashes a multidimensional appearance to bump up the glam factor in a big way.

Built for long-lasting results, the latex-free Lilly Lashes Brush On Lash Adhesive is equipped with a super-thin brush to ensure a super precise finish. As a nice bonus, this powerful product is 100% safe for those who wear contacts or have sensitive eyes.

What are the most natural Lilly Lashes?

The Everyday Faux Mink Lashes are the most natural-looking option from Lilly Lashes. They seamlessly blend with your real lashes to create a softer look.

How long do Lilly Lashes last?

All Lilly Lashes products are hand-made, which allows for better longevity and durability. With proper care, these lashes can last for 15 to 25 uses.