NARS | MODERN. AUDACIOUS. ICONIC. High-style, forward thinking beauty from revolutionary makeup artist and photographer, Francois Nars.
Orgasm Collection
"I came up with the name first, and then created the color. I wanted something a bit audacious." – François Nars
Cheek Studio
"When it comes to blush, how and where you apply is just as important as what color you use." – François Nars
Behind the Brand
Brand founder, Francois Nars


A sought-after runway makeup artist, François Nars is one of the most influential image-makers in the world. His unconventional philosophy of beauty celebrates an independent spirit, originality and fearless self-expression.

"I created the brand from scratch and put so much of my soul into it that I believe it translates into the actual product and the company image." - Francois Nars, Founder & Creative Director