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PHLUR Body Mist & Hair Mist

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Made with responsibly sourced formulas that you can feel great about, PHLUR invites you to shake up your fragrance lineup with its high-quality products. From eau de parfums to mini options, we’ve got you covered. \n\n

\n\nDoes Sephora carry PHLUR?\n\nYes, PHLUR is a Sephora exclusive brand. Its products are made with no additional dyes, and we have a wide variety of [fragrances to choose from including timeless florals for women, warm and spicy blends, and woody and earthy options. In addition to eau de parfums and travel sprays, we carry PHLUR candle and perfume sampler sets that serve as the perfect gift.\n\n

\n\nWhat are PHLUR's best-selling fragrances?\n\nThe Missing Person Eau de Parfum is a best-seller from PHLUR. This nearly-nude fragrance features a blend of soothing white musk, sheer floral, and soft wood notes to create a pure and familiar feel. You’ll also love how the translucent glass bottle has a porcelain cap with a convenient magnetic closure, which makes it easy to avoid spillage.\n\n

\n\nWhat does PHLUR Missing Person smell like?\n\nThe Missing Person Eau de Parfum is a warm and sheer scent with skin musk, bergamot nectar, and blonde wood notes.\n\n

\n\nWhat does PHLUR Ameline smell like?\n\nThe PHLUR Ameline Eau de Parfum is a classic floral scent with modern appeal. Italian bergamot, rose, and sandalwood notes deliver a fresh finish. \n\n

\n\nIs PHLUR clean?\n\nYes, PHLUR is a Clean at Sephora brand.\n\n

\n\nIs PHLUR vegan?\n\nYes, all PHLUR formulas are vegan.\n\n

\n\nIs PHLUR cruelty free?\n\nYes, PHLUR is a 100% cruelty-free brand. No products are ever tested on animals. "}]