Brushes For Natural Hair

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The right brush can make all the difference when it comes to natural hair. Brushes are a crucial part of any hair routine and can help you achieve the look you want. Natural hair loves to be brushed and played with, and these brushes are designed to help you get the most out of your curls. Here are some of our favorites.

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Natural Hair Brushes
“Excellent!!! When combing wet hair it is gentle and goes through hair without pulling like a brush does”
Brushes For Curly Hair
“Love this brush! Bought it for my boyfriend who has should-length curly hair and he loves it”
Creams For Natural Hair
“My daughter has waist length curly hair that is a mixture of fine blond hairs and kinky black hairs that magically tangles in seconds”
Hair Sprays For Natural Hair
“I loved using this hairspray since this is a strong hairspray that provides long-lasting hold, lift, and volume for natural-looking styles. This hairspray consists of Pro-vitamin B5 which naturally thickens and provides body while smoothing dry hair and hydrating the scalp, Patented Copolymer which builds volume and provides natural hold and Glycerin which naturally binds moisture to hair for added softness. ”
Products For Natural Hair
“I tried this hair mask (complimentary from Color Wow) on my natural hair after conditioner”
Shampoos For Coarse Hair
“I have thick, frizzy, wavy hair that has always been difficult to manage. Some of it is coarse, and there are at least three curl patterns”
Hair Brushes For Wet Hair
“I love using this to detangle my hair before I shower, so I don't have to brush my hair while its wet either during or after my wash”
Hair Oils For Natural Hair
“Container: Glass Bottle Dropper Product Type: Hair Oil Scent: Not strong, but more natural herbal scent Hair Type: Natural Curls that are lightly bleached I loved this hair oil”
Styling Hair Brush
“Normally I stick to less expensive hair brushes, but I thought I would try this. I love the smaller bristles between the regular bristles for more shine, less tangles, and slick hair styles”
Brushes For Dry Hair
“This metallic tip brush is very wonderful. It is a hairbrush with rounded steel bristles that is detangling my dry hair easily while stimulating my scalp”