Hair Brushes For Frizzy Hair

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Whether you have curly hair or not, you can benefit from using the right hair brush regularly. The right one can help you achieve a more voluminous look and reduce frizz. Here are some of the best hair brushes on the market today.


Smooth Hair...Upon opening up this brush I notice it feels on great quality! The brush bristles are densely packed which lays down fly away hairs easily! ...Perfect for curly or frizzy hair...The only brush I’ll use on my hair when dry! This brush is perfect for when your hair is a little tangled or matted but you don’t want to do a wash day.

What it is: A double-sided brush that polishes and refines strands—featuring nylon bristles to finesse flyaways and boar bristles to slick tighter styles.

Hair Type:
Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily

Hair Texture: Fine, Medium, and Thick

Hair Concerns:
- Frizz
- Shine
- Straightening and Smoothing

Key Benefits:
- Polishes and refines strands
- Effortlessly smooths even the curliest of curls

What Else You Need to Know: This two-in-one tool has soft nylon bristles on one side to tame flyaways and stiff boar bristles on the other to slick tighter styles. The lightweight, ergonomic design has an easy-grip handle for your comfort.

ManeReady or Knot Detangling Paddle Hair Brush

ITEM: 2745180

Type: Standard Size Yellow

85 Reviews


Hair game-changer!...I have really wavy, frizzy hair, so all brushes don't work for my hair type - It's reliable to detangle knots, leaving my hair smooth without pain. ...I love this Knot detangling Brush Its a a nice wide brush and helps unknot my hair so quick!

What it is: A gentle detangling brush that works on wet or dry hair (including extensions) to leave hair smooth, healthy-looking, and easy to run your fingers through.

Hair Type: Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily

Hair Texture: Fine, Medium, and Thick

Hair Concerns:
- Frizz
- Straightening and Smoothing

Key Benefits:
- Anti-static hairbrush
- Durable metal bristles provide a gentle scalp massage
- Made from ethically sourced birchwood

What Else You Need to Know: The durable metal bristles not only stimulate blood flow, which can potentially support hair growth, they also aid in distributing any natural oils on your scalp all the way down the length of your strands—a nice little b


Great for taking baby hairs (regrowth)...I’m loving the T3 Edge Heated Smoothing & Styling Brush that I was gifted by T3 Micro. I have frizzy hair which is made more obvious by regrowth for postpartum hair loss and this does a great job in taming my frizz and baby hairs!...Edge Heated Brush makes styling my hair a breeze! My hair is wavy straight but mostly frizzy, this brush takes only about 3 minutes to de-frizz my hair!

What it is: A ceramic heated brush featuring T3 Rapid Heat IQ Technology and T3 PrecisionEdge Design to smooth strands, volumize roots, and polish ends.

Hair Type: Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily

Hair Texture: Fine, Medium, and Thick

Hair Concerns:
- Frizz
- Shine
- Volumizing

Key Benefits:
- Quickly and Gently Dries Hair
- Delivers Smooth, Shiny Results
- Minimizes Frizz and Boosts Shine

What Else You Need to Know: The T3 Edge Heated Brush features PrecisionEdge Design, which includes edge-to-edge heated plates and tufted nylon bristles to provide superior styling. The heated edge provides an increased styling surface for smooth, shiny results.


Best brush ever....that brush is amazing... period. Just BUY IT. I have lots of hair and they are not thick but frizzy and curly. this is the best brush i ever had....BEST BRUSH EVER...Best brush ever! I've been a natural for over 20 years but this brush gave me the BEST defined and frizz free curls of my LIFE!

What it is: A shower brush for styling, detangling, and clumping curls for great definition.

Hair Type: Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily

Hair Concerns:
- Curl-Enhancing

Key Benefits:
- Great for clumping curls and creating definition
- Gently detangles curls, coils, and tight textures
- Built with premium features and a sleek, comfortable handle design
What Else You Need to Know: Heavyweight yet gentle on hair, this Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross Shower Brush is like a magic wand for styling happy curls. Built with premium features and a comfortable handle design, this is the best tool for gently detangling and helping curls clump and find each other to get great definition.

DrybarFull Pint Medium Round Brush

Size: 2.48'' D x 2.48'' H x 10.24'' W·ITEM: 1506492

239 Reviews


Excellent brush and buy the dryer too...This is a great brush. Smoothed out my frizzy hair and made it bouncy and smooth. ...I have pretty long (to my rib cage), fine, tends to be on the oily side kind of hair. I've used other round brushes & paddle brushes to blow dry my long hair but this brush cuts back on my drying time - which is awesome with hair this long (I also use a T3 hair dryer so it's not like it takes ages to dry anyway).

What it is:
A medium round ceramic brush great for medium to long hair and for straightening short to medium-length hair.

Key benefits:
- Decreases dry time
- Adds body/volume
- Leaves hair smooth and shiny

If you want to know more…
NanoIonic technology in the barrel and bristles helps reduce frizz and add shine. Cuticles are sealed, producing a smooth, soft texture from roots to ends.


this is by far my favorite brush to dry my hair with. it leaves my hair tangle free and doesnt make it frizzy....Love this brush! Helps my hair dry faster and less frizz! My hair is thick and normally gets frizzy once I let it air dry.

What it is: A quick-drying brush that is made with HeatFlex bristles and an open-vented design for fast moisture release.

Hair Type: Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily

Hair Texture: Fine, Medium, and Thick

Hair Concerns:
- Straightening/Smoothing

Key Benefits:
- Open-vented design allows moisture to be removed from the hair faster, speeding drying time
- HeatFlex bristles are heat-resistant and safe to use with a blow dryer
- Can be used on wet hair for easy detangling

What Else You Need to Know: This heat-safe, quick-dry brush is curved to comfortably hug the shape of your head as you brush wet or dry hair, making it a great choice for comfortable detangling or treatment application.


Really good brush it detangles my hair nicely. Limits the frizz in my hair also....Good brush to use for tangles, wet hair, and helps control frizz.

What it is:
A brush that detangles and straightens wet or dry hair, leaving locks smooth, healthy-looking, and tangle-free.

Key benefits:
- Detangles
- Smooths
- Refreshes

If you want to know more…
Painlessly detangle all hair types and textures with this must-have brush. Great to use on wet or dry hair, it smooths strands and preps for your blowout—sans damage. The easy-to-grip handle allows for easy, comfortable styling and movement.

What else you need to know:
This product is best used with Verb Leave-In Mist.

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