Professional Makeup Brushes

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Whether you're a professional makeup artist or an avid DIYer, it's important to have the right tools for the job. The right brush can make all the difference in how your makeup looks and performs. Here are some of the best professional makeup brushes available today.

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Essential Makeup Brushes
“Every time I have tried a sephora brush it becomes an essential in my everyday routine, and this dual ended brush did not disappoint”
White Makeup Brushes
“This brush is excellent for applying to the outside edge of the eye blending and creating a smoky look it has happily joined my eye makeup brushes”
Black Makeup Brushes
“This bronzer brush from Sephora is my favorite among all the brushes that I have”
Professional Eye Makeup Brushes
“This is a win and I highly recommend this as a staple to every professional makeup artist’s kit”
Gray Makeup Brushes
“Although I find the designated names and purposes for the brushes to be a little off (the foundation brush is definitely more of a powder/blush brush and the concealer brush is more of an eyeshadow brush, they are kind of flimsy) they are still very cute, compact, and travel friendly”
Green Makeup Brushes
“The brush is fine as I expected. Bristles are a bit more tightly packed than other brushes I have, which is nice”
Full Face Makeup Brushes
“One of the best brushes I’ve ever owned. Super soft, full, doesn’t shed, and applies the foundation extremely well”
Luxury Makeup Brushes
“The handle fits in my hand so well, the products don’t coat the bristles, and even though I still can’t believe I spent this much on a brush, my #treatyoself moment has made doing my makeup such a luxe experience”
Professional Makeup Tools
“When they say professional grade- they mean it. The BEST tweezers I ever owned”
Makeup Contouring Brushes
“This is by far the nicest brush set I've ever purchased. I have gotten rid of almost all of my other brushes, this set is everything you'll ever need”