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A flawless face starts with a flawless base. Let's find out which foundation is your best match:
Your Skin Type: The best foundations for oily skin keep any excess oil under control with a matte, shine-free finish. Powder foundations are the best for oily skin because they instantly mattify your skin, making them the perfect choice to bring in your makeup bag for you to touch up with a fluffy powder brush throughout the day. Dewy foundations are the best for dry skin to leave your skin looking glowing and hydrated. Most foundation sticks have a creamy and moisturizing texture that makes it the easiest formulation to blend with either a foundation sponge or brush.
Your Coverage: Looking to cover up a blemish? Full coverage foundations have the most amount of coverage and can completely cover whatever you want it to. Since this coverage gives you the most flawless finish, it's your go-to for special occasions. Light coverage foundations provide the least amount of coverage, even overall skin tone, and result in your skin looking and feeling fresh. This coverage is so lightweight to wear every day, you'll forget you're even wearing it.

Learn from celebrity makeup artists on how to apply your foundation step-by-step just like a pro.