Éponge pour Fond de teints

Les clients Sephora préfèrent souvent les produits suivants lorsqu’ils recherchent Éponge pour Fond de teints.

Les éponges de beauté sont les héros méconnus de votre arsenal de beauté. Ils sont peu coûteux, faciles à trouver et permettent une application de fond de teint impeccable et sans traces. La clé pour utiliser efficacement une éponge de fond de teint est de comprendre les différents types d'éponges disponibles et comment les utiliser.

Produits liés à Éponge pour Fond de teints

Éponge de beauté
“Best beauty blender ever !!! I wouldn’t use anything other then this”
Meilleure fondation pour les débutants
“I don't think I have ever used a foundation that was scented or at least not as loud as the one in this foundation”
meilleur maquillage
“Worth every penny, but so glad they had a mini available. I wish all brands had minis for us to test”
Meilleur apprêt pour les lèvres
“This is my all time favorite lip primer. It has a nice minty smell and the consistency is perfect for holding on most lip products...with the exception of super glossy lipsticks”
Éponge de maquillage mélangeable
“I really love beautyblender products and I use my regular beauty blender sponge and my micro mini sponge every day! I don't really wear cream blushes and don't like to get my powder products wet, so honestly, I've been using my beauty.blusher cheeky for foundation - it works just as well as my regular beauty blender”
Savons pour le corps
“Fresh's Freesia Soap is fantastic. I have been using body cleansing gels for so long that I was almost afraid to try soap again, but I'm glad I did”
fond de teint Buff
“This is like the only brands foundation powders that go fair enough for my skin tone THANK YOU!!!!!!! ”
Meilleur pinceau pour fond de teint minéral en poudre
“As much as I want to give it 5 stars...I don’t know if it’s cause it’s “too” soft, but it doesn’t apply my powder foundation as well as my last brush (P.S. Sephora - please bring back your kabuki brush”
Meilleurs pinceaux de maquillage
“This is by far the nicest brush set I've ever purchased. I have gotten rid of almost all of my other brushes, this set is everything you'll ever need”
Gommage des Lèvres
“the best lip scrub ever! extremely moisturizing and made lips plumped up”