Gels pour le visage

Les clients Sephora préfèrent souvent les produits suivants lorsqu’ils recherchent Gels pour le visage.

Un gel pour le visage est un liquide fin et clair qui peut être utilisé pour lisser votre peau. Les gels pour le visage sont disponibles dans une variété de textures, d'épais à fin, et dans une variété de consistances. Ils sont pratiques et faciles à utiliser.

Produits liés à Gels pour le visage

Essences pour le visage
“Plus at the price point it’s one of the cheapest essences available?!? WHAT?!? This is my new holy grail essence”
Gels coiffants
“LP curl defying gel is a must for soft manageable curly hair. As many can relate, I’ve experienced the crunchy gel look from numerous curly hair gels”
Masques faciaux en gel
“Strangely enough, they seem to work together well. The effects of this mask are immediate but not very long-lasting. I wake up with a puffy face no matter what I do so I use this mask for 5 mins every morning and afterwards I look more like my actual 33 years and less like I was up all night crying. ”
Gels pour l'acné
“Very effective acne treatment, helps the skin to regenerate and eradicate the acnes more quickly”
Peelings faciaux professionnels
“I was really impressed with my trail of the Alpha Beta peel. My skin felt like I had a professional facial”
Gels pour les lèvres
“Absolutely love the gel colour lip + cheek balm in Luxe. It's a wonderfully fresh pink colour that gives a nicely blushed cheek”
Tonique Pour Le Visage
“I love this toner, it cleaned and closed up my pores. It left my face glowing and very soft, it did NOT dry my face out like other Toners”
Gels nettoyants pour le visage
“Finally my husband has the perfect face wash that controls his oily face. Now my husband appreciates my love of Sephora after getting this for him”
Éponges pour le visage
“I like this sponge alot compared to beauty blender this is way denser and firmer i wanted this sponge fer the cut angle i use damp for my undereyes and yes i like alot also the bottom is flat with differnt texture on bottom so is perfect jus to sit on my vanity i would say if u are lookin for a denser sponge this wod be ur man i understand y it wod be good with powder however i use for cream concealer”
Peelings du visage pour les rides
“This product is amazing, it lasted me pretty long and helped with my acne along with cleaning up pores and helping any wrinkles and dull skin. It’s pretty affordable compared to other high end products”