Maquillage Paillettes

Les clients Sephora préfèrent souvent les produits suivants lorsqu’ils recherchent Maquillage Paillettes.

Si vous cherchez un moyen d'ajouter un peu d'éclat à votre vie, ne cherchez pas plus loin que le maquillage pailleté. Le maquillage scintillant est un moyen amusant et polyvalent d'ajouter une touche de glamour à n'importe quel look. Que vous souhaitiez tout mettre en œuvre avec un look entièrement scintillant ou simplement ajouter une touche subtile d'éclat, il existe un produit de maquillage scintillant pour tout le monde. Découvrez ces maquillages scintillants et voyez lequel vous convient le mieux.

Produits liés à Maquillage Paillettes

Maquillage Glam Pailleté
“This would strictly be for glam occasions (NYE). If you are a consumer specifically looking for a good pigmented pressed glitter, this is the one”
maquillage scintillant pour le visage
“They are all really pretty glitters!! I usually use these for my inner corner under my eyes, so starkly, glittery and beautiful shades”
Maquillage Glamour
“I love the one in blushes & lip pencils. I’m a makeup artist and I’ve added them to my makeup kit so I was super excited to their lipstick and see how well it would work for me before adding it to my kit aswell. ”
Maquillage Doré
“Not sparkly or glittery, its literally looks like gold illumination on your skin. I love mixing this with my lotion on my legs, collar bones and finishing my makeup routine with a little on my cheekbones”
Maquillage des lèvres scintillantes
“This product is beautiful but it doesn’t feel that way. The glitter is somewhat sharp and god help you if you go beyond your lip line because the glitter will NOT come off your face”
Maquillage brillant
“It would have been a nice option for days when I don't wear much makeup beyond concealer and a little eye shadow if the formula didn't smudge down onto my lower lash line so easily, even on days when all I did was sit in a very air-conditioned office”
Golden Glow Makeup
“This is a nice product such a pretty golden glow. It’s just hard to use. You have to carefully apply it or else it will separate your makeup”
Maquillage Lavande
“I decided to try this during the VIB Rouge sale. Bought the Lavender, Fuchsia, and Rose Glow hoping to love one…obsessed with all 3”
Maquillage métallique
“Wait for a sale as these are overpriced, they are easy to go through quickly and the metallic side is not long lasting. The maroon metallic side is my favorite of all the colors on my eyes and lasts longer than the other metallics”
Maquillage taupe
“The is the best brow product that I’ve found. It’s a staple in my makeup bag. The pen gives a microblading effect with amazing pigment”