Huiles capillaires pour hommes

Les clients Sephora préfèrent souvent les produits suivants lorsqu’ils recherchent Huiles capillaires pour hommes.

Les huiles capillaires sont un excellent moyen d'ajouter de la vie et de la maniabilité à vos cheveux. Ils peuvent être utilisés sur cheveux mouillés ou secs et sont conçus pour aider à dompter les frisottis et ajouter de la brillance. Voici quelques excellentes huiles capillaires pour les hommes.

Produits liés à Huiles capillaires pour hommes

Huiles à barbe pour hommes
“I use this as a face oil, and it is spectacular. very rich and fatty, really nourishes the skin. my husband loves it for his beard too”
Hair Oils For Natural Hair
“Container: Glass Bottle Dropper Product Type: Hair Oil Scent: Not strong, but more natural herbal scent Hair Type: Natural Curls that are lightly bleached I loved this hair oil”
Huiles Capillaires Pour Cheveux Secs
“I have thick, curly hair and my hairdresser recommended to look into a jojoba oil as I do love oils and jojoba is one of the few oils that works well with curly hair”
Produits capillaires masculins
“He has thick and curly hair. I would not recommend it to someone with thick hair because it’s hard to style it”
Brosses à cheveux pour hommes
“Gonna get one for my father on his birthday. The reason I give it 4 star is that it's the best on wet hair, but not on dry hair”
Produits capillaires à l'huile
“This oil is perfect! I've been using it for three years now and I used many hair oils/treatments prior that do not compare to this hair oil”
Huiles capillaires pour cheveux abîmés
“amazing, has fixed my colour treated and damaged hair in two months. i can see significant hair growth and my ends look better than ever. i’ve invested in the larger sizes, pricey but worth it for the results”
Huiles capillaires légères
“I actually like this oil/serum. It’s lightweight and hydrating. I prefer to use it on damped hair, I feel it makes my hair shine even more once dry. ”
Hair Oils For Women
“One of the best scalp oils on the market. I love Indian hair oils and I find the mix of Ingredients works on my hair”
Produits capillaires à l'huile sèche
“Overpriced and doesn’t last very long. The “dry oil” formula is so dry, there’s not enough moisture to make hair flexible and manageable”