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NEST Verde Rollerball

SIZE 0.34 oz/ 10 mLITEM 1690908
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0.34 oz/ 10 mL Rollerball
NEST Verde Eau de Parfum is based on a blend of wild fern and Himalayan cedar in an invigorating balance with verbena leaves and vetiver. A member of the fougère family of fragrances, it marries herbaceous leafy notes with musky undertones for a crisp, light finish. It exudes the heart of every woman—whether she is romantic, sexy, elegant, or exotic—allowing her to express a mood in a way that is unique to her.

Inspired by the works of 18th Century British artist Mrs. Mary Delany, Laura Slatkin collaborated with master perfumers to translate these works of art into luxurious fragrances that capture the essence of each of the botanicals that adorn the products' striking packaging.

Wild Fern, Himalayan Cedar, Verbena Leaves, Vetiver.
Fresh. Crisp. Invigorating.