Support & Celebrate Black Beauty

At Sephora, we believe in championing all beauty, living with courage, and standing fearlessly together to celebrate our differences. Today’s mainstream beauty trends, tools, and products have deep roots in Black culture—and not everyone knows it. As a leading beauty retailer, we are able to—and have a responsibility to—shine a spotlight on the Black voices, creators, and brand founders whose contributions have shaped the beauty industry. We hope you’ll join us in supporting the Black beauty community.

Did You Know?

Our Short Film: Black Beauty Is Beauty

Our short film celebrates the tremendous impact and influence of Black beauty on the industry at large.

Meet Our Director, Garrett Bradley

Garrett is an American artist and filmmaker whose work focuses on themes including race, class, and the history of film in the US. In 2020, she was the first Black woman to win best director of a documentary at Sundance for her film Time. The film was also notably nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 2021 Academy Awards. This is her commercial debut.

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