Finding Products

Finding Products

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Sephora offers thousands of products and hundreds of brands. Finding the right product to fit your needs can be challenging. Let us assist you in finding exactly what you're looking for. Whether it's your signature scent, an exquisite evening eyeshadow, or that perfect everyday lipstick, Sephora has what you are looking for.

Search for Products

Know exactly what you want? Or perhaps you're just searching for a matte lipstick? Use our comprehensive Search box located in the upper left corner of our site to find the exact product you need, or browse through the results that fit your criteria. You can enter a product number or even a partial description of the product. You can be as broad as "red lipstick" or as specific as "dry skin moisturizer."

Search for Brands

Looking for that hot new brand? The quickest way to find your favorite brands is by using our Complete Brand List. The Complete Brand List is located by clicking the Brands tab located at the top of every page. Click Brands A-Z to see a complete list of brands. Every brand is listed alphabetically. Please note that Sephora stores may carry brands that are not carried online.

Search for Gifts

Searching for that perfect gift? Trying to stay within a budget? Browse our Gifts section to view the newest gift sets and selections for the season.

Product Information

After you have found the perfect product, you can read the benefits and usage tips on each product detail page. The information is located beneath the product details. All the available colors, formulations, and sizes are listed below the detail text.

Product Ingredients

To view the ingredients of any particular product, just click "Details" underneath the product details and click on the tab that says “Ingredients” to view the full list of ingredients.

Product Availability & Out of Stock Products

Sephora carries thousands of products and hundreds of brands. Occasionally, an item may be temporarily out of stock. Our stock is replenished on a weekly and sometimes a daily basis depending on the particular item and brand. Some pages have an "email me" feature that notifies when the product is back. If the product says, "coming soon" or "temporarily out of stock," come visit us again.

Potential Sephora Vendors Contact

Have a product-focused brand that you think would be perfect for Sephora? We’d love to hear from you! Please click here to create a profile with our RangeMe partners to share your product submission with our Merchandising team.

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