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Achieve the healthiest hair of your dreams with Fable & Mane. Discover high-performing oils, masks, mists, serums, and so much more.

Does Sephora carry Fable & Mane?

You can find a variety of Fable & Mane hair products at Sephora. Do you need a new shampoo and conditioner? Check out our roundup of hydrating formulas and purifying scrubs. Searching for styling solutions & treatments? Fable & Mane has got you covered with its collection of soothing scalp serums, repairing products, and cooling masks.

You can also stock up on all the essentials with Fable & Mane’s value & gift sets. And if you need some of your favorites on the go, take a look at the brand’s mini versions.

What are Fable & Mane's best-selling products?

Made with ashwagandha, the best-sellingHoliRoots™ Pre-wash Hair Treatment Oil strengthens your scalp and strands in a huge way. It’s suitable for all hair types including color-treated hair. Plus, it includes dashmool to deliver a calming effect as well as castor oil works to thicken hair and repair damage.

Is Fable & Mane clean?

Yes, Fable & Mane is a Clean at Sephora brand. All of its products are vegan, cruelty-free, and feature recyclable packaging.

How do you use Fable & Mane hair oil?

To use the HoliRoots™ Pre-wash Hair Treatment Oil, start by parting dry hair. Fill the dropper with oil and rub it between your palms. Then apply the oil to your scalp and hair. Massage into roots, placing extra focus on the crown.

Leave the formula on for five minutes or keep it on overnight for best results. Rinse well with water and then follow up with the HoliRoots™ Hydrating Shampoo (sold separately).