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Refresh your scent lineup with Ralph Lauren’s line of high-quality fragrances for men and women. From fruity florals to woody spiced blends, you’ll find a perfect match for every preference.

Does Sephora carry Ralph Lauren?

We sell many Ralph Lauren fragrances at Sephora. When it comes to perfumes for women, we have numerous romantic picks to consider. Searching for Ralph Lauren colognes for men? We’ve got you covered with timeless woodsy scents, fresh aquatics, and so much more. Looking for mini fragrances? Ralph Lauren’s travel sprays are a must.

What are Ralph Lauren's best-selling fragrances?

With its combination of bergamot, orris, and vetiver, Ralph Lauren’s Polo Blue Eau de Parfum is an invigorating earthy cologne that’s filled with aquatic vibes.

As for perfumes, Ralph is a popular option that you’re sure to love. This scent blends fruity and soft floral notes for a light finish that lasts.

What does Ralph Lauren Polo Blue smell like?

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue has an earthy and woody aroma.

What does Ralph by Ralph Lauren smell like?

Ralph is a fruity floral fragrance with freesia, magnolia, and musk notes.

What does Ralph Lauren Romance smell like?

The Ralph Lauren Romance Parfum is a warm floral fragrance. Soft notes like violet and jasmine deliver a super-feminine finish.

What does Ralph Lauren Polo Red smell like?

Polo Red Eau de Parfum is a warm and spicy fragrance. Red ginger, sage oil, and natural woods notes create a sensual scent that makes an impression.