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Although it’s tempting to sunbathe, we know that faking your bake is so much healthier than soaking up harmful UV rays. That’s where Sephora Collection’s affordable bronzer comes in. Get that freshly tanned look with a few strategic swipes for a healthy and natural glow throughout the year.

You know what we love? Affordable bronzers, like the Matte Bronzer Powder, because they won’t make us look oily or shiny. If you struggle with slick skin, then a shimmery bronzer will only enhance the sheen. Matte versions are the best bet for a low-shine finish you can feel confident wearing.

Fake a tan in the most natural way by looking in the mirror and imagining the points on your face that the sun would naturally hit. These are the areas where you should apply bronzer, like the Golden Hour Luminous Bronzer. You can also look at the most prominent features of your face, typically the forehead, tops of the cheekbones, nose, jawline, and chin. A light hand will give you the most authentic, I-just-got-back-from-the-Bahamas glow.

Speaking of bronzer application, a quality brush, like the PRO Bronzer Brush #80, will ensure you get the best coverage and most natural application. These brushes are soft, fluffy, puffy tools that allow you to effortlessly apply your favorite affordable bronzer with a single stroke.

Bronzer is a multifaceted makeup product that we just can’t get enough of. Wearing a low-cut dress or top? Use bronzer on your face as well as on your collarbones and cleavage for a contoured décolletage. If your dress also happens to be short, lightly brush a bit of bronzer vertically along the centers of your thighs and shins for a leg-lengthening look that glows.