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Affordable Contour & Highlighter Brushes Collection

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From seamless sculpting to natural-looking coverage, get the best tools to boost your beauty game with Sephora Collection’s assortment of affordable concealer, contour, and highlight brushes.

We know it can take some time and effort to get fully comfortable with highlighting, but these tools can help speed up the process. Each of our affordable highlight brushes are packed with intuitive features to help eliminate mistakes and achieve a professional-looking glow at a price you’ll love.

Aiming for an all-over glow? The Pro Highlight Brush is perfect for face and body application. Its fan-shaped brush comes with extra-soft bristles, so you can enjoy effortless, natural-looking all-over highlighting. For a striking finish, use the tip of the brush and apply lightly in a back and forth sweep. Or amp things up by following the same back and forth motion with the flat side of the brush to really glimmer.

New to the world of contouring? We got you with beginner-friendly packs of affordable concealer, contour, and highlight brushes, like the Contouring: Uncomplicated Brush Set. This set contains four must-have brushes (can you say #multitasking?) made with cruelty-free fibers, and a tutorial guide to empower you to confidently rock your contour in no time. Use the bronzer brush to achieve an all-over glow, and the highlight brush for a precise shimmer without worrying about any harsh lines. The contour brush is perfect for accentuating your cheekbones and sculpting the jawline, while the blush brush adds just the right pop of color to your cheeks.