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Take your hair care routine to new heights with Sephora Collection’s affordable hair accessories. Whether you’re looking to perfect that slightly complicated new hairstyle or keep your hair strands at bay for a smoother beauty routine, free yourself from frustrations once and for all with our selection of convenient, easy-to-use hair tools.

We know that all hair comes with a unique set of hair care challenges, which is why our affordable hair accessories are as inclusive as possible. Many of our hair tools are totally suitable for straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair, as well as fine, medium, and thick hair textures.

Attempting to apply your makeup, but struggling with hair strands that just won’t seem to stay away? We get it. Luckily, our hair clips and bands can help keep things in control. They also allow you to divide your hair faster to cut down on blow-drying time.

When you’re trying to sport a new hairstyle, but running into one too many mistakes along the way, peep our Snag Free Hair Elastics. They’ll give you more flexibility to achieve those complicated looks, with no hair damage to worry about. Take your pick from clear or black colors with this set of 12 elastics.

While using certain hair accessories may seem like a no-brainer, your technique can actually make a world of difference. When using hair clips to style with damp hair, comb hair into vertical sections for faster blow-drying. Remember that horizontal sections work better when using hair clips with dry hair, and aim for sections that fall just under your hair’s part and the clip.