70s lipstick

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Lipstick is one of the most popular make-up products in the world. It is used by women of all ages and is available in a wide range of colors. There are many different types of lipstick available in the market today. Some are matte, while others are glossy. Here are some great options for 1970s-style lipstick.

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70s makeup
“Luckily I got this for free in an Influenster VoxBox and I was able to try it without paying SEVENTY DOLLARS for this. It's a great product and very pigmented with 2 additional cream shadows as well”
burgundy lipstick
“I haven’t tried matte lipsticks since they came out with the liquid lipsticks but this has really made me re-consider a matte regular lipstick again”
gradient lipstick
“I let it dry for a bit and then do a gradient (usually a darker color), but seriously it looks like I have pillow lips for real”
transparent lipstick
“I absolutely love this lipstick. It is easy to apply, stays on for a good amount of time, and doesn’t dry out my lips like most matte lipsticks do”
shiny lipstick
“This went on my lips very easily and it looked shiny all day long ! I definitely would recommend this to someone wanting Rex bold lips”
bold lipstick
“I got 6 colors (excluding strawberry) and the shades are just so beautiful. These are cream lipsticks, and it DOES transfer but the thing is, the lipstick color remains on your lips throughout the day EVENLY”
blush lipstick
“One of the prettiest and easiest to use blushes I’ve used in a long time! Cream blushes are sometimes hard to blend or not pigmented or too pigmented but this blush formula is perfect”
vivid lipstick
“They are about the same consistency but this one has more bright, fun pops of color for your lips and cheeks! I have Vivid Pink and I would love to get them all. I just dot a bit on to my cheeks and blend out using a duo fiber stippling brush for a lovely finish”
dark lipsticks
“I love how it gives a wash of colour on your lips, not opaque. I am not a fan of dark lipsticks on me (make me look older) but like the colour of dark lipstick so these are great, I get the darker tones but without looking super heavy or harsh”
Creamy Matte Lipstick
“This is a beautiful, soft pink matte lipstick that stays put all day regardless of eating, drinking, and mask wearing”