hair paste

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Hair pastes are a great way to add volume and style to your hair. They can be used on all types of hair, including straight, wavy, and curly.

Products related to hair paste

hair cream
“This wonderful texturizing cream kept my usually frizzy hair nice and sleek in this very hot weather”
matte hair products
“The texture of this crayon like product is great in comparison to some other products I've sampled which felt "gunky"”
mousse hair products
“I love this mousse! Adds a fullness and a thickness to my hair that other mousses don't”
matte makeup
“There some great neutral mattes you can wear on their own, and then shimmers so so fun and stay put”
heated hair brush
“However, now, I personally like having mi-straight, mi-curly hair. The brush gets hots quite quickly and it take me about 30 min to do my whole head”
hair styling clips
“My other clips always fall off eventually and I haven’t had a hard time wrapping this clip around my hair”
powder hair products
“But if I want to feel less product in my hair, definitely this powder. When you are looking up close it doesn't seem to be covering much, but when you look at your hair as a whole, it blends grey roots and hairline in nicely and it lasts well”
taupe makeup
“Also, this stuff comes off a lot easier than other pomades - I was able to get off with soap and water, where others I've tried required a LOT of scrubbing and makeup remover (of course that also means it might not be as waterproof/sweatproof, but I didn't test that”
moist hair products
“It’s super moisturizing, and my hair felt so soft. I highly recommend this product”
honey makeup
“And smells sooo good like honey. Lips look so hydrated and juicy after applying”