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Whether you're looking for a lotion to soothe your skin after a shave, protect it from the elements, or just make it smell good, you'll find plenty of safe body lotion options at Sephora. Here are our top picks all made with clean ingredients so you can feel good about what you put on your body.


A good everyday body lotion! Keeps my skin so moisturized! Love that it’s fragrance free, vegan, and silicone free, so safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. ...Necessaire the body lotion. I like Fragrance free. It's safe to use,My body skin is dry.

What it is: A daily lotion to moisturize, visibly firm, and strengthen skin with five peptides and up to 48 hours of moisture.

Highlighted Ingredients:

- 5 Peptides: Firm the look of skin.

- 2.5% Niacinamide, 2 Fatty Acids: Visibly strengthen the skin barrier.

- Cacay Oil, Marula Oil, Meadowfoam Oil: Infuses skin with vitamin A, C, E, F, Omega 6, and 9.

What Else You Need to Know: Skincare for the body: This is a firming moisturizer to moisturize, visibly firm, and strengthen skin. Enjoy continuous moisture for up to 48 hours. This body lotion is fast-absorbing, nongreasy, dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, and has a fragrance-free base layer.


I then continued using this DE Glycolic lotion on one side of my body, and started using the Skin Fix AHA body cream on the other--this DE Glycolic lotion still produced the best results....I use the Cerave SA body lotion cream and I wanted to give this one a try.

What it is: A supercharged body lotion that exfoliates to restore the look of dull and uneven areas while replenishing dehydrated skin with moisturizing butters and electrolytes.

Highlighted Ingredients:
- T.L.C. Framboos™ AHA Blend (Glycolic, Tartaric, Lactic, and Citric Acids): Visibly resurfaces dull, uneven skin for a smoother, brighter, more even look.
- Marula Butter: A super-pure, concentrated butter derived from marula oil, which is rich in antioxidant polyphenols, lipids, and fatty acids, which thoroughly moisturize skin and provide powerful barrier protection.


I love this body cream. It’s very creamy but not heavy or sticky. ...And the caffeine and niacinamide in this body cream is great for my bacne. I especially love that it is also scentless so I feel safe using it on my truncal acne.

What it is: An intensely hydrating body cream, powered by caffeine and niacinamide, to visibly tone your skin.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Skincare Concerns: Dryness, Dullness, and Loss of Firmness and Elasticity

Formulation: Lightweight Cream

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans: Visibly firms skin.
- Niacinamide: Visibly improves texture and supports the moisture barrier.
- Sugarcane-Derived Squalane: Mimics skin’s natural lipids, delivering intense hydration.

Ingredient Callouts: This product is vegan and cruelty-free.

What Else You Need to Know: This silky, fragrance-free hydrator extends the benefits of star skincare ingr

SkinfixResurface+ AHA Renewing Body Cream

Size: 10 oz / 296 mL·ITEM: 2218220

783 Reviews


Good exfoliating body cream for sensitive skin...My body will randomly break out in hives, so I need a body cream that is safe for sensitive skin. ...Best Body Lotion for Dry Skin and Eczema...Great body lotion to carry around in your bag as it is very handy.

What it is: A luxurious AHA and BHA exfoliant body cream that visibly smooths rough, bumpy, crepey skin (including skin with keratosis pilaris) while moisturizing with shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Skincare Concerns: Dark Spots, Dryness, and Uneven Texture

Formulation: Cream

Highlighted Ingredients:
- AHA Blend 6%: Exfoliates dead skin cells, visibly reducing discoloration and smoothing texture.
- Willow Bark Extract (BHA): Unclogs congested pores, promoting healthy- and clear-looking skin.
- Bisabolol: A soothing agent extracted from chamomile that calms skin.


Best lotion of all time!...Hands down best lotion! It is so hydrating and smells amazing! I have been using Kate McLeod products for a while and absolutely love all of her lotions! ...I always worry about my lotions spilling in my bag and this solid lotion stone solved that problem beautifully.

What it is: A solid body moisturizer that glides on like silk and nourishes dry skin, leaving your skin visibly soft, supple, and glowing.

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Cocoa Butter: Naturally rich in antioxidants and fatty acids to soothe, nourish, and hydrate.
- Sweet Almond Oil: Packed with vitamins D and E to reduce visible irritation and lock in hydration.
- Apricot Kernel Oil: Lightweight emollient smooths and improves the look of skin texture.

Ingredient Callouts: This product is vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and comes in recyclable packaging.

What Else You Need to Know: This Daily Stone Solid Body Moisturizer is concentrated with powerful, natural ingredients for results you can see and feel.


One of the most hydrating body lotions I've experienced! The pump bottle is a great feature, making application a breeze. ...One of the most nourishing body lotions I’ve ever tried! I love the pump bottle, which makes it really easy to apply.

What it is: A lightweight lotion with prebiotics to balance skin’s microbiome and deliver intense hydration, replenishing dry skin with nutrient-rich moisture.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Skincare Concerns: Dryness, Dullness, and Uneven Texture

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Olive-Derived Squalane: Acts as a silky emollient for lightweight feel that is intensely hydrating.
- Lactobacillus Ferment Filtrate and Kefir Ferment Filtrate: Balances skin’s microbiome with good bacteria and supports a healthy barrier.
- Jojoba Seed Oil and Vitamin E: Protects skin from water loss, locking in moisture without greasy feel.

What Else You Need to Know: Nourishing emollients support the s

Supergoop!Handscreen Sunscreen SPF 40

ITEM: 2322832

Size: 6.76 oz/ 200 mL

293 Reviews


Love everything about this lotion (except the price tag). Hydrating yet lightweight and absorbs quickly. 1oz product packaging is compact and fits well into small purses!...Safe SPF...I couldn’t find this specific product on EWG site, but most Supergoop products were rated 2-4 so I feel safe using this product.

What it is: A luxurious formula that protects and nurtures hands with broad-spectrum SPF 40 sunscreen, powerful antioxidants, and skin-supporting oils.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Skincare Concerns: Dryness, Dullness and Uneven Texture, and Loss of Firmness and Elasticity

Formulation: Cream

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Sea Buckthorn Fruit Extract: Delivers the hydration and support needed to fight off harsh conditions and dry and rough skin, also helps improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and loss of elasticity.
- Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Hydrates to leaves the skin nurtured and supple without a greasy feel.
- Argan Oil: Moisturizes skin.


This lotion is a MUST HAVE for the summertime! I love how it is a lightweight full body sunscreen that does not have that terrible, typical sunscreen smell or leaving my skin with that dreadful white case;this left my body with a nice glow. ...As the summer approaches this will be the go to product for equal parts safe sun behavior and hot girl summer vibes! Don’t sleep on this product and pick it up before you book a summer season vacation!

What it is: A pearlescent and lightweight body sunscreen that visibly illuminates all skin tones with an island glow.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Skincare Concerns: Dryness, Dullness, and Uneven Texture

Formulation: Lightweight Cream

Highlighted Ingredients:

- Sea Moss: A nutrient-rich seaweed that hydrates, supports, and protects skin.


The everywhere lotion is great I received it complimentary from Luna Daily official and I love that right after I hop out of the shower I can use one lotion head to toe. ...Breastfeeding safe!...I love the lotion that I was gifted by Luna. I can’t use retinol because I’m breast-feeding and because of the ingredients I’m actually able to use this lotion.

What it is: A microbiome and pH-balancing daily body lotion for dry, itchy, and scaly skin to restore, moisturize, hydrate, and nurture a healthy skin barrier.

Highlighted Ingredients:
- THERA-BIOME+™: Thermal water, prebiotics, and vitamins to strengthen the skin microbiome.
- Niacinamide: Vitamin B3 to visibly reduce redness and support healthy skin function.
- Bakuchiol: Soothe and calm dry, dehydrated, or irritated skin.

What Else You Need to Know: It's time for a reset. Did you know your skin pH plays a huge role in your skin condition? If it's too alkaline, it can lead to red, flaky, or itchy skin. If it’s too acidic, it can lead to dry or inflamed skin. This microbiome- and pH-balancing daily body lotion is powe

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