Eye Brushes For Beginners

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If you're looking to try eye makeup, but don't know where to start, we've got some great options for you. An eye brush is a great and necessary tool to start in cosmetics. It's easy to use, versatile, and functional.


The white coloured ones shed a lot but others are great. If you’re a beginner wanting some eye brushes but don’t want to spend a whole lot, these could be it for you....Great for beginners, soft, but I don’t like how it doesn’t have numbers to tell which one is which...beginner

What it is: A collection of 12 covetable brushes you won’t want to let go.

What Else You Need to Know: From lining, shading, buffing, and blending to everything in between, once you get your hands on these 12 must-have brushes, you won’t want to let them go.

The Large Shadow Fluff Brush creates a killer highlight to your brow bone or upper cheekbones. The Blender Brush blends out and keeps on going. The Pointed Blender Brush buffs out eyeshadow or softens harsh lines with a controlled blend. The Firm Blending Fluff Brush makes crease blending easy—use the flat side to shade or blend with the full tip.


Good beginner set...Even after spin washing the brushes they still kept the right shape and I haven't lost many hairs. ...Beginner friendly!!...Bought this starting out with makeup and safe to safe this is a great set and is extremely beginner friendly. All the brushes are great and get the job done.

What it is: A five-piece collection with everything you need for complexion perfection.

What Else You Need to Know: Filters? Don’t need ’em—this set has what you need to create a perfect complexion, including: the Pro Flat Buffer Brush, a dense buffer brush that goes all out with smooth, even foundation application; the Powder Fluff Brush, a pointed powder brush for a clean sweep wherever you need it; the Precision Powder Brush, a pointed brush for crazy-good finish and a flawless blend; the Deluxe Angle Brush, an angled brush to bring on the blush; and the Highlight Definer Brush, a precise highlight brush to swipe that glow wherever it needs to go.

This Set Contains:
- Pro Flat Buffer Brush (synthetic)


Best high quality starter set...Really high quality and aesthetic set. The face brushes are super versatile for cream, liquid or powder. ...only brushes I use now!!!...The eyes brushes are amazing and blend eyeshadow seamlessly.

What it is: A set of 11 top-tier multitasking face and eye brushes and a soft sculpting sponge, created by @makeupbyariel.

Brush Formulation:
All Formulas

Brush Coverage: Buildable

Bristle Type:
Synthetic and Natural Blend

What Else You Need to Know: Using his expertise, Ariel meticulously developed, tested, and perfected this elite 12-piece face and eye set. As you bounce, pat, swipe, and blend, it’s as if Ariel himself is applying his Signature Look on you.

"Each brush is essential to my kit, which is why I named them after people, events, and memories that were essential in sculpting who I am today. I hope these brushes have as much of an impact on your life and artistry as they do on mine.


Soft blendable brushes...I've been eyeing this brush set for years! I feel like the price point is great because I've seen single brushes go for $50. ...Pretty Solid Brushes! 3.5 Stars....It's perfect for setting the under eyes. The foundation brush isn't very dense, so I use it for cream bronzer and I love it!

What it is: A set of five, elite face brushes that were meticulously developed, tested, and perfected by celebrity makeup artist Ariel.

Brush Formulation:
All Formulas

Brush Coverage: Buildable

Bristle Type:
Synthetic and Natural Blend

What Else You Need to Know: These brushes were developed by celebrity makeup artist Ariel and are precision engineered, with high-performance craftsmanship for professional-grade results. They are expertly curated to come together to create a complete face kit.

This Set Contains:
- A21 Setting & Bronzing Brush (natural)
- A24 Foundation Brush (synthetic)
- A58 Cream Contour Brush (natural)
- A14 Precision Setting Brush (natural)
- A22 Blush Brush (n

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