Glow Balms

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A glow balm is a new product that has been gaining popularity over the last few years. It is a type of lip gloss that gives the user a subtle glow. A glow balm is made from natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, and beeswax. Here are some great glow balms available today.

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Honey Balms
“Love everything about this lip balm, from its moisturizing effect, texture, subtle honey scent, and color of the light-pink tint to the golden packaging”
Eye Balms
“I have been searching for an eye specific product of this consistency- a balm to the area moisturized all night”
Hand Balms
“I refuse to live without this hand cream. I always have some on me right along with lip balm and hand sanitizer”
Everday Lip Balms
“Love this product! I have extremely dry lips in the winter where I normally can’t even wear tinted lip balm for too long without some flaking”
Shimmering Lip Balms
“Amazing Moisturizing shimmer balm The most greatest balm I have ever used on my lips would highly recommend for anyone whose lips are chapped easily it was so smooth and smells so fruity comes with a little stick for application so less messy with the fingers”
Blow Dry Balm
“I blow out my hair into a straight bob using the straight blow dry balm, then I use a hot iron and Wahla-I get a straight (not limp or flat) bob with a great shine and no frizz”
Plumping Lip Products
“1st pic is when I just put it on. 2nd is 45mins later. On my lips the plumping is not as noticeable in the picture but if you have flatter lips I think you’d love it”
Hair Balms
“Plumps out lips within 20 mins and once the effects wear off your lips are still left hydrated and soft. Works well as a balm and a plumper. Loved it! Can’t wait to get a back up when it’s restocked”
Mint Lip Balms
“The mint isn't over powering in scent or taste. Over all a great everyday lip balm”
Blush Balm
“It's the perfect blush for me. I wouldn't say I like super pigmented blushes and this is perfect for on the go, really difficult to mess it up. it's the "clean girl" blush I always look for”