Lip Colors For Blonde Hair

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Blonde hair is a beautiful color, and there are plenty of lip colors that can help complement your hair color. Here are some of the best lip colors for blonde hair, whether you're looking for a natural look or something with more shine.

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Toner For Blonde Hair
“This appears to be working on my natural dark blonde hair. My hair has a decent bit of natural dimension so I’m not sure if that is contributing to the efficacy”
Lighter Blonde Hair Color
“I’ve been looking for a product exactly like this: 1) Based on chamomile for delicate color but can also neutralize brassiness; 2) Is hydrating, b/c I have dry, frizzy hair; 3) Isn’t water-based, b/c water will just frizz my hair; 4) No hydrogen peroxide, which is drying; 5) No hydrogen peroxide, because I already bleach my hair—don’t need to add more damage; 6) A way to tone my hair (semis and hair glosses just don’t have the right color); 7) A way to tone out the patches of blue, from blue shampoos; 8) A way to add a delicate blonde color to those white hairs that are appearing at the temples; I’m delighted a company finally met the challenge, and this product just nails it”
Hair Colors For Thin Hair
“I am so self conscious about my scalp always showing when I part my hair or do styles that pull it up (I have very thin hair) and wow this product has been so amazing”
Purple Shampoo For Blonde Hair
“This is a great purple shampoo to help tone blonde hair. I have used several purple shampoos and haven't found one I liked until this one”
Hair Products For Blonde Hair
“I received this product complimentary from Wow Color Hair brand. Unfortunately, it did not work well on my blonde hair even though I followed the instructions clearly”
Treatments For Blonde Hair
“It’s better than any other bond building treatment I’ve used. It’s softens and conditions but makes you hair so shiny and soft”
Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes Blonde Hair
“I liked them both for my blue eyes, fair skin and blonde hair. Cute little mini’s”
Clips For Hair Styling
“The alligator jaw style clip can hold a lot of hair at once and really holds it in place”
Style Curly Hair
“I have 3b/3c curls and always airdry, alone this product doesn't work for me but recently discovered that applying a little amount of this a few minutes later after styling my hair with Cantu kids leave-in and curl defining cream GUARANTEES 0 FRIZZ and the next day my hair look as amazing frizz 2/10”
Warm Hair and Brow Colors
“I was so nervous to shower but even in warm showers (which, yes, I know you’re not supposed to do with dyed hair but I’m a sucker for a warm shower) the color has not faded at all”