Lip Gels

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A lip gel is a new type of beauty product that has been gaining popularity in the recent years. It is a clear, liquid-like substance that is used to make the lips look plumper and more voluminous. Here are some of the best lip gels on the market today.

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Styling Gels
“LP curl defying gel is a must for soft manageable curly hair. As many can relate, I’ve experienced the crunchy gel look from numerous curly hair gels”
Gels For Acne
“Very effective acne treatment, helps the skin to regenerate and eradicate the acnes more quickly”
Gel Lip Gloss
“The most beautiful gloss!!! I will never be without the product. Feels good on the lips/ not super tacky like other lip glosses”
Hydration Gels
“Add this gel-cream to your nightly routine! The texture combines naturally with the Fat Watr serum”
Strong Hold Gels
“I've enjoyed trying Mini Strong Hold Gel and I love the way it holds my frizzaways, it a strong holding gel that doesn't make your hair crunchy or flakey like some of the other gels we've tried in the past”
Acne Peels
“This product is hands down the best peel for sensitive skin. I cannot use products like the ordinary peel, and other peels because my skin is too sensitive and dry but i have really bad breakouts along my jawline due to the mask”
Salicylic Acid Gels
“I was pleasantly surprised by this cleansing gel. I like that it has Salicylic Acid in the product and I feel like my face feels really clean after using it”
Lip Jelly
“I really these lip jellies, this shade is very close to my actual lip colour so it’s basically my lips but better”
Gel Lip Masks
“I wear it under my face mask with minimal staining. My lips feel softer throughout the day and recommend if you're a lip smacker like me”
Styling Gels For Women
“Kérastase Curl Manifesto Curl Defining Gel-Cream is a good styling cream. I had to use more but it's not sticky or crunchy”