Monolid Mascara

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Mascara is a staple in many makeup routines, and it can be used to make eyes look bigger and more open. However, those with monolids may struggle to find the right mascara formula that won’t smudge or smear throughout the day. Discover the top-rated mascaras for monolids below.

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Monolid Eyeshadow
“I just swipe it on with my fingertip (can’t use the pad because I have tiny Asian monolids) but I’ve been wearing this with a little bit of a nudy nudestix stick eyeshadow on the outer corners and it’s perfect for a day look with a pop of shimmer”
Volumizer Mascara
“I’m usually pretty picky with my mascaras since I have thin Asian lashes, but I thought this mascara was great for adding volume and thickness to my lashes”
Purple Mascara
“It doesn’t look awful but I personally like volumizing mascaras only, because of this reason. The mascara is good for travels when you want all three effects and just want to bring one product”
Liquid Mascara
“First time using the mascara and selener did it again. Every rare beauty product I’ve tried is 👌 this is mascara, lip tint and the liquid blush”
Voluminous Mascara
“If you are looking for a very flirty voluminous mascara but not doing too much this is your gal she still looks very normal yet Accomplishes Volume, length and a Lift I’m sure you will love if you like the kush mascara this is definitely her sister”
Polo Fragrances
“Another win for Versace men's' fragrances”
Purple Mascaras
“The trio consists of clear, Voluminizg and lengthening with beautiful purple colors. I'm really happy with the trio mascara”
Metallic Makeup
“Wait for a sale as these are overpriced, they are easy to go through quickly and the metallic side is not long lasting. The maroon metallic side is my favorite of all the colors on my eyes and lasts longer than the other metallics”
Noir Makeup
“It dries quickly and stays put all day, and I usually need to use waterproof eyeliner because my eyes water a lot but the standard formula works great for me. I found the noir shade to be quite subtle and definitely not the dramatic black of most other eyeliners, but I supposed that's why they have a darker black option - and I like the subtlety of this one better anyways”
Coconut Face Masks
“I was Gifted by Sephora collection, this face mask and they made my skin feel extremely hydrated”