Pink Lipstick For Fair Skin

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Pink lipstick is a hot trend in makeup. It's a great way to add some color to your face and lips without using too much color. For those with fair skin, there are plenty of choices for lipsticks that can give you the perfect shade of pink. Here are some of our favorites.

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Lipstick Suited For Fair Skin
“Buildable color and a flattering red for my fair skin tone. The packaging is SO gorgeous. I didn’t realize I could be swayed by something so simple as a gorgeous lipstick case but I am”
Purple Lipstick For Fair Skin
“great color! I got the endless purple...looks great with my red hair/fair skin. The applicator is nice and it goes on so smooth”
Pink Lipstick For Dark Skin
“This is such a beautiful nude brown for dark skin women. This is definitely my new go to on days where I want the no makeup-makeup look”
Lipstick For Fair Skin
“The shade Baby suits my fair skin tone perfectly. For me it’s perfect nude, not too pinkish or orangish, more like dusty rose”
Light Pink Lipstick For Fair Skin
“This is my favourite lipstick on earth and seeing as bikini martini cream blush disappeared I wanted to promote another hidden gem in case people don’t know how perfect gorgeous this blue pink light matte satin lipstick I’m on is”
Pink Lipstick For Medium Skin
“It looks so good, it perfectly matching my medium skin tone”
Orange Red Lipstick For Fair Skin Tones
“Buildable color and a flattering red for my fair skin tone. The packaging is SO gorgeous”
Best Fall Lipstick For Fair Skin
“So good, nice color for fair skin tone. I love the smell of this lipstick”
Lipstick For Pale Skin
“I was smitten when I pulled out the tube and cranked the lipstick upward. Freaking GORGEOUS. Your girl thought she was ready for a lighter red lipstick (I'm not one to usually wear lipstick in general but have seen the color being work more and more by friends).. but now I'm too nervous to rock it with my pale skin. hahah The lipstick glided on extremely smooth”
Pink Shimmer Lipstick
“Maybe a little too lightweight - the pigment is not that rich compared to my other brick red lipsticks. However, I do like the color, quite shimmering too, and it looks good for a everyday makeup look”